Silent Hill Abandoned rumors
Silent Hill Abandoned rumors

Silent Hill: Konami’s Cryptic Tweet Sets Internet on Fire

A cryptic tweet by the official Konami shop has made the gaming community from all over the world go frenzy.

Before I go ahead, let me ask you a simple question – Do you follow the work of Hideo Kojima?

In the past, he has done some brilliant work on Death Stranding & Metal Gear Solid.

After creating these two classics, a recent tease has made many of his followers believe that the upcoming PS5 game “Abandoned” is actually a part of the Silent Hill franchise.

Even though nothing is clear at the moment, Konami has now gone out of its way to add fuel to the fire.

Here’s the tweet from the official Twitter account of Konami Merch Shop:

The image tweeted above looks nothing more than a new Silent Hill merch.

Given that the speculation related to Abandoned has been at an all-time high since the rumors of PlayStation, Konami & Kojima coming together to revive Silent Hills has made the news. One day or another, this was bound to happen.

But then again, something very interesting thing happened.

Geoff Keighley (creator of the game awards), replied to the post with the following GIF:

With all these rumors spreading like a wildfire, it looks like something is definitely brewing between the upcoming PS5 exclusive mysterious abandoned game and Kojima.

That’s all for now. What are your thoughts on the image posted on the Official Konami Shop Twitter handle? Do share your valuable opinion in the comments section given below.

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