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Prince William Goes Absolutely Bananas as England Beats Germany

If something is a rivalry as India-Pakistan cricket matches, it is England and Germany’s football finals.

Leading with two goals, England finally beat Germany in the European championship’s UEFA Euro 2020 knockout stage. England has been waiting over 55 years to tie over Germany. So this is huge and more than a victory.

In the 1990 World Cup, Germany beat England due to penalties on England, and then a wrongful goal disallowed England to win over Germany in the 2010 World Cup.

As the scores announced England-2, Germany-0 Prince Harry Williams goes bananas as England beat Germany.

UEFA Euro 2020 England v/s Germany highlights

It was Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane’s joint efforts that put England into the quarter-finals. Raheem Sterling scored in the 75 minutes as Harry Kane got the second in 86th, making England avenge decades of hurt at the hands of Germany at Wembley.

Ukraine won over Sweden 2-1, and now England will have to beat Ukraine to win the World Cup this year.

Prince William’s presence at England Germany knockout

We could see Prince William jumping out of his chair and celebrating England’s massive win over Germany. He was ecstatic when he watched the win. If it weren’t for Gareth Southgate, Raheem Sterling, and Harry Kane wouldn’t have done it.

Gareth Southgate, England football manager, is absolutely crazy over the win. The game saw 40,000 England supporters inside the stadium wearing the same colours as the home team and roared every time it scored.

The 75th and 86th minutes of the game were crucial as they reported the winning goals. The victory scenes were huge, and everyone was involved in the party, including Prince Harry William, who was there with his wife, Kane and Son.

Southgate’s relief as England reaches the semifinals

England never faced a win over Germany since 30 July 1966. As Gareth Southgate’s team deserved a win, it was a celebratory moment at Wembley. Southgate has earned a dismissal as the results were announced. His faith in Captain Harry was proved right.

Prince William

The day would be marked in history as this is the first time England has won a match at the knockout stage of any European championship. Southgate’s team selection was perfect, and it has finally been proved.

“You know that if you change the shape and pick certain personnel instead of others and it goes wrong, you are dead.”- said Southgate.

Southgate had to face many questions and doubts over his managerial career if England would have lost. He knew that it was a risk when he kept Jack Grealish and Phil Foden on the bench and preferred Arsenal’s excellent 19 years old Bukayo Saka on the team. But proving everyone wrong, he showed that he deserves praise for having the courage of his convictions ignoring the noises and showing what he thought was right.

England was in party mood after Kane’s second goal

Southgate’s decisions were game-changing, and as Kane made his second goal, England was already in the party mood. The Euphoria was the reality as England players awarded the victory to the home team. Fans give them a lap of appreciation.

We know that England still needs to move up the gears if they want to get in the half of the finals, but this win over Germany is nothing more than a satisfactory note for those who have been waiting for half a century to win against rival Germany.

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Summary of the game

All well that ends well. The game was huge, and it was victorious. The major highlights areas:

In the end, we would only say that England has done the best for the people of the country and for Gareth Southgate’s football career. They have achieved the best this time, and they have to do it again to be the world champion this year.

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