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4th Stimulus Check Update: Will it Come in July?

4th Stimulus check

After delivering 3 stimulus checks to the Americans, the calls for the 4th stimulus check have grown stronger.

In fact, a petition has already received 2,664,084 signatures for a $2,000 monthly stimulus & is all set to reach its goal of 3 million signatures.

Not just that, many politicians have also repeatedly urged President Joe Biden to provide 4th stimulus checks to the low-income & medium-income households aftermath of the COvid-19 pandemic.

However, instead of taking any urgent action, he has left the future of the 4th Stimulus Check in the hands of Congress. Even though President Biden says that he is open to ideas, these claims do not affect Congress as the chances of getting 4th stimulus checks to look slim.

Fact Check: Social Media Claims of 4th Stimulus Check?

With citizens expecting to get the 4th stimulus check, there are multiple posts on social posts claiming another wave of Stimulus checks by the end of July.

However, these claims are completely fake & in fact, Facebook has marked such posts as false information. Have a look at this:


Will you get the Check?

If you live in California that there’s a piece of good news for you all. California has signed a 100 billion dollar plan to provide $600 stimulus checks to state residents.

And out of the total population, 2/3rd citizens are qualified to get the stimulus package.

With this figure in consideration, the nationwide demand for the 4th stimulus check has caught fire. However, nothing would work until the politicians agree on providing a fourth stimulus check to the eligible residents.

4th Stimulus Check Release Timeline

In case, congress agrees on sending out the 4th stimulus checks nationwide, then what would be the expected timeline for you to receive it?

Well, if the online build-up continues to pile up, you can expect the stimulus checks to get passed within a couple of weeks. So, don’t expect to get the stimulus check by the end of July.

Then based on your payment method (Paper Check or Electronic), you will receive the stimulus check amount right into your account.

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