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Mark Hamill Owns The Internet By Tweeting Two Words: His Name

People are crazy about Mark Hamill, and when we say CRAZY, we mean the real Crazy! Recently, Mark invested in himself testing out a social experiment to see how it turns out, and unsurprisingly, he got viral in just no time. 

Taking part in a Twitter challenge on Sunday, the “Star Wars” actor tried to obtain the social media’s unanimous approval by simply writing his name.

You could tweet ‘Mark Hamill’ and get hundreds of likes… ” commented one Twitter user. Retweeting merely his name, Hamill responded to the challenge

Within minutes, the message was trending on Twitter, with fans and celebrities alike participating in the experiment and marveling at Hamill’s apparent influence on social media in general. Star Wars actor superstar Mark Hamill has played Skywalker in six films since 1977’s A New Hope aired. All of the movies were “The Empire Strikes Back” in 1980, “Return of the Jedi” in 1983, “The Force Awakens” in 2015, “The Last Jedi” in 2017, and “The Rise of Skywalker” in 2019. To top it all off, the recent revelation that every game in the franchise has included him has sent fans into a fury since 2015.

The superstar took trends into his hands

On Twitter, “Mark Hamill” became a hot trend in less than two minutes. Seven hundred and sixteen retweets and 148,000 likes were received in two hours (and counting).

The guy who portrays the famed Jedi master Luke Skywalker put on an incredible Internet power show. A similar event occurred ten years ago when UK politician Ed Balls tweeted his own name. On April 28, 2011, while trying to search for his name, the tweet was accidentally tweeted. As a result, on April 28th, Twitter users retweet the now-famous tweet.

Several other notable personalities also jumped right in the trend for fun 

Following his message, the phrase “Mark Hamill” has been used in roughly 43,000 tweets, according to Twitter’s trending description. Others in Hollywood have joined in on the joke because of the overwhelming response to Hamill’s tweet. As a result, there was “‘Star Trek’ actor George Takei tweeted cheekily: “Mark Hamill- We’ll have to wait for now.”

Mark Hamill

Another star hopped on-trend tweeting- Will that work for anyone( referring to the name trend)? Here goes: Mark Hamill, and it was tweeted by yours truly ‘this is us’ actor Ken Ol

In addition to a US Senate candidate, a best-selling novelist, and an independent restaurant, several other verified Twitter accounts had followed the bandwagon., a global digital dictionary, tweeted this: “a badge, brand, or other visible indication assumed or imposed. Hamill is Mark Hamill’s last name.” When Balls saw Hamill’s tweet, he quoted it and added, “You’re welcome.”

Some of Hamill’s tweets extolled his abilities, including this one: “He once tweeted gibberish in Icelandic about Brennan, and it caused a nationwide supply crisis…” Another example: “A few years ago, I saw him tweet about the time and he received 87,000 likes or something like. There was also a rise in the stock market on that particular da

‘Not the first time’ for Hamil  to go viral

Twitter is home to Hamill, who boasts 4.7 million followers, many of whom appear to be supportive of the actor’s shenanigans. While watching “Star Wars” in May, he commented on an online video that showed a dog being afraid of Darth Vader. Ellie, a golden retriever, was captured staring intently at a scene from 1977’s A New Hope on the TikTok account @rustymetalcreation. In any case, the initial glimpse of Vader was too much for the poor puppy — and that’s understandable

Once Darth Vader reaches the stage, complete with a swishy cape and helmet as well as his famous deep, menacing breath, the startled dog takes off, leaping from the couch and running away. After being published by Rex Chapman on Twitter this week, the footage quickly gained many retweets and likes. In response to Rex Chapman’s tweet about the clip this week, Mark – who played Luke Skywalker in the film – spotted the video and responded with his trademark humor. ‘Smart dog,’ he tweeted, quoting the cute pup. When I first encountered him, I wished I’d thought to hide behind the couch.’ 

As a result of his strong political beliefs, he has amassed a following on Twitter. Last month the actor tweeted that he would sell “Trump Cards” to fans as part of a campaign to criticize Donald Trump and poke fun at him. 

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