Kabul University has Forbidden Afghan Women From Teaching or Attending the Campus

According to the new rules by the Taliban administration, the women in Afghanistan are restricted to teach at Kabul University.

Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the new education minister, declared a list of new policies on women’s education in the country on Sunday. At the press conference, Haqqani said that coeducation is at odds with the ethics of Islam and it is also a conflict with national values. He even said that it is against the customs of Afghans.

The Taliban administration has already stated that they expect to have girls and women teaching at schools/universities. In case if that is not probable, then men might teach women. However, the classrooms must adhere to the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic or Sharia law.

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Haqqani also mentioned that wearing a hijab in the classroom is mandatory for both women teachers and students. He even stated that the novel policies are the consequence of the thriving Jihad paid against the West to form an Islamic system.

Kabul University
Kabul University

Haqqani declared that he didn’t wish to go back to the past where the Taliban last governed and women were not permitted to go to school. However, he said that the Taliban administration would begin constructing what exists at present.

Last week, the Taliban hoisted their organization’s flag over the presidential palace. This was the indication of the beginning of a new administration.

As they came back to power, they have already forbidden girls and women from taking part in sports. They even beat women who went on the roads demanding equivalent rights, along with the Afghan journalists who were covering the protest.

The Actual Meaning of the Tweet by The New Chancellor

Nearly 70 teachers of the institute, along with professors and assistant professors have given their resignation after the Taliban sacked Ph.D. chancellor Osman Bamburi. Later on, Muhammed Ashraf Ghairat was made the new chancellor.

When Mohammed Ashraf Ghairat was appointed as vice-chancellor in Kabul University it resulted in protests on social media channels. The critics have emphasized a tweet written by the chancellor previously wherein he justified the massacre of journalists.

The chancellor of Kabul University mentioned on his Twitter handle that until a true Islamic atmosphere is not provided for every individual, the girls and women will not be permitted to study or teach at Kabul University.

The chancellor earlier mentioned on Monday on his Twitter handle that it is due to a shortage of women lecturers. As there are fewer women lecturers at Kabul University, they are working on a strategy for men lecturers to teach girls from behind a curtain in the class, said Ghairat. His plan was actually to create an Islamic atmosphere in the school for the female students.

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Later on, he disparaged a report by The New York Times that covered his proclamation as a bad misunderstanding. Tightening the Taliban’s laws on female students and teachers, Haqqani declared on Monday that women would be forbidden to teach and learn at Kabul University, a tweet from The New York Times.

Ghairat, in his tweet, mentioned that he has not said that they’ll never let the female teachers and students attend the institute. For him, Islam is a priority, and he only wanted to provide an Islamic environment for everyone. Till they create a secure Islamic environment, women and girls need to remain at home.

The Protest

The education ministry of the Taliban turned to only the students and teachers who are men on continuing the work of Kabul university.

Although the organization has said that girls and women will yet work and get an education, many women have already been fired from their jobs across Afghanistan, plus they were encouraged to remain at home.

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A huge number of people have tried to escape the country since the Taliban has invaded since the withdrawal of the United States troops. Most of those trying to escape the country are girls and women under serious threat of being sexually assaulted, beaten, abused, and killed because they are often disallowed to socialize, visit school, or any public place.

Some Afghan women activists and the Women’s Political Participation Network joined together and initiated a protest outside the country’s Finance Ministry in Kabul demanding equal rights. 

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