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Where to Find Hateno Village in TOTK? Unlock the Secrets

Hateno Village is a famous place in both Breath of the Wild

By Manoj 5 Min Read

Goku Black Fortnite Release Date, Skin and Price Finally Announced!

Goku Black, one of the most famous bad guys from the Dragon

By Manoj 7 Min Read

Chrono Odyssey Release Date, Story, Gameplay and More

When will Chrono Odyssey be available? Since its announcement, the MMO from

By Manoj 5 Min Read

Apex Legends Season 17 Release Date And New Character Update

Want to know when Apex Legends season 17 will come out? If

By Manoj 3 Min Read

When Is Apex Legends Season 17 Coming Out? Who Is The New Character In It?

Fans have already met Ballistic, the new hero, but they are only

By Kajal Sharma 7 Min Read

Redfall is the Latest Game to Get Review Bombed

Shortly after its release, Redfall received a review bomb as people complained

By Kajal Sharma 3 Min Read

Skate 4 Release Date Speculation, Platforms, Leaks, and Exciting Gameplay Features

Skate 4, or just "Skate," is the next major Skate game coming

By Manoj 6 Min Read

Unrecord Possible Release Date: Is the Game Real and Which Platform Will It Be on?

The debut production of the French firm DRAMA has sparked interest on

By Benjamin Johnson 4 Min Read