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Fashion Designer Katie Gallagher’s Death: What Exactly Happened To Her?

Katie Gallagher was a talented fashion designer who was known for her edgy and avant-garde designs. On an unknown date,

By Fiza Ansari 7 Min Read

New Starbucks CEO to Work in Stores as a Barista to Connect With Customers

As part of his commitment to leading the company, Laxman Narasimhan, the new CEO of Starbucks, has promised to work

By Rahul Khaira 3 Min Read

NYC DA Hopeful Alvin Bragg Threatened With Violence

Alvin Bragg, the new District Attorney of Manhattan, has gotten a death threat. The threat was made through email, and

By Fiza Ansari 3 Min Read

‘Little Mermaid’ Star Halle Bailey ‘pushed’ Herself ‘far’ on 13 Hour Film Days in Water

Halle Bailey remembers the long hours she put in to portray Princess Ariel for Disney's live-action "The Little Mermaid," including

By Fiza Ansari 4 Min Read

Rap Artist Afroman Sued by Officers Who Raided His Home

In a new development, police officers who broke into the home of American rapper Afroman are suing him. Law enforcement

By Fiza Ansari 4 Min Read

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Working on Next Movie

Get ready to fall in love all over again with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The two stars have worked

By Fiza Ansari 4 Min Read

Jar Jar Binks Actor Ahmed Best Returns to Star Wars

Ahmed Best, the talented actor who brought Jar Jar Binks to life in Star Wars, is making a triumphant return

By Fiza Ansari 5 Min Read

Six People Killed in Construction Zone Crash: Fatal Accident on I-695

Maryland State Police have confirmed that six people were k*lled on Wednesday after a car slammed into a construction zone

By Rahul Khaira 3 Min Read

Amazon Job Posting Over-listing: Leaked Document Reveals Shocking Details

This week, Amazon announced another round of layoffs that would affect 9,000 employees. A document from inside the company showed

By Manoj 3 Min Read