White Nationalists Held a Buffoonish Rally in D.c. — but There’s Nothing Funny About It

The real situation of racism in America was shown once again via a group of white nationalists, the Patriot Front,

By Rahis Saifi 3 Min Read

China and Russia Attack Biden’s ‘So-called’ Summit of Democracy

Chinese and Russian state media are working in extreme to disparage the Biden administration's Summit for Democracy happening this week,

By Rahis Saifi 6 Min Read

President Biden Hasn’t Yet Kept His Student Loan Forgiveness Promise of $10,000 in Student Loan Debt

The cost of college in America is too high. For decades, this has been the consensus among indebted graduates and

By Rahis Saifi 6 Min Read

A Second Republican Has Shared a Christmas Picture With Kids Holding Guns

A Republican has posted a Christmas photo in which her four children are flaunting guns. Just a few days after

By Lee Daily 5 Min Read

January 6 Investigators’ New Challenge: Trump Allies Pleading the Fifth

The January 6 Capitol insurrection was one of the most significant uprisings America had seen and has left the Trump

By Lee Daily 5 Min Read

People Are Laughing at Trump’s New Company

Former President Donald Trump’s new media company might just be another fallacy as the Bloomberg analyst Matt Levine wrote that

By Rahis Saifi 6 Min Read

Biden Warns Putin of ‘Strong Measures’ Amid Ukraine Invasion Fears

The United States claims it is making "strong economic and other measures" over threats of a Russian attack on Ukraine,

By Lee Daily 4 Min Read

US Congress Includes $300 Million for Ukraine, Addresses China in the Massive Defense Bill

In a compromise version of a vast annual defense bill released on Tuesday, U.S. lawmakers made attempts to push back

By Rahis Saifi 6 Min Read

China Warns the US Will ‘Pay a Price’ for Boycotting Winter Olympics

On Tuesday, China warned the United States would "pay the price" for a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics

By Lee Daily 7 Min Read