Biden-Putin Call: Analysts Say Us President May Still Have a Chance to Derail Ukraine Invasion

With a vast build of Russian forces near Ukraine’s border, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is signifying interest to risk a military

By Lee Daily 7 Min Read

Diplomatic Boycott: Biden Administration Expected to Announce a Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics This Week

According to multiple sources, this week, the Biden administration is supposed to announce that no officials from the US government

By Rahis Saifi 4 Min Read

Return to Tradition: Biden Celebrates Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell at Kennedy Center Honors

The U.S. president was back at the Kennedy center honors in five years on Sunday for the first time. Joe

By Rahis Saifi 5 Min Read

AOC Rejects ‘Ridiculous Assertion’ That Canceling Student Loan Debt Benefits the Rich

In a floor speech on Thursday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., updated her demand for the termination of student loan debt,

By Lee Daily 3 Min Read

Bidens Help Light the National Christmas Tree Outside White House 

President Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden helped to light up the National Christmas Tree as per tradition.

By Lee Daily 5 Min Read

US Senate Passes Bill to Avert a Government Shutdown, Sends to Biden for Signature

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate controlled by Democrats passed a bill to finance the government till the middle of February,

By Rahis Saifi 6 Min Read

Biden Declines to Comment on Report Trump Tested Positive for Covid Days Before the Debate

Biden very cleverly dodged the question regarding his knowledge of whether Donald Trump had received a positive Covid-19 test result

By Lee Daily 6 Min Read

Ghislaine Maxwell’s First Accuser Says Epstein Introduced Her to Trump at Age 14

Ghislaine Maxwell’s accuser claims that once Jeffrey Epstein took her to Mar-a-Lago when her age was 14 years old and

By Rahis Saifi 5 Min Read

Legendary Venture Capitalist John Doerr Brings Clarity to Climate Change Solutions

Detecting and having discussions about climate change resolutions represents a huge communication gap. We seek scientists to analyze the issue

By Rahis Saifi 6 Min Read