Biden Warns Putin of ‘Strong Measures’ Amid Ukraine Invasion Fears

The United States claims it is making “strong economic and other measures” over threats of a Russian attack on Ukraine, following Joe Biden having a conversation with Vladimir Putin.

In a video conference, President Biden expressed concerns upon building up of Russian military forces near the border with Ukraine and called for a reduction of tensions.

Russia claims that it will not attack.

President Putin Accused Ukraine of Provocations

President Putin blames Ukraine for provoking and wants commitment against eastward Nato extension and distribution of weapons near to Russia.

Russian forces of over 90,000 are supposed to be amassed close to Ukraine’s borders. The move has put on already stiff relations between Russia and the US.

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Following Tuesday’s call, Jake Sullivan who is the US National Security Adviser expressed that the Biden administration was making preparations for definite strong replies in the coming weeks in case they were needed.

What Are the Measures That Have Been Prepared?

The measures incorporated economic sanctions and other moves like deployments of extra force to Nato allies in the region and defense weapons for Ukraine.

Mr. Sullivan declined to explain what might be the economic measures. However, he stated that Nord Stream 2, a new gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, which has not started operations yet, gave “leverage” for the US and its allies.

Biden warns Putin

He told reporters “If Vladimir Putin wants to see gas flow through that pipeline, he may not want to take the risk of invading Ukraine.” According to previous reports, US authorities had agreed with Germany to call a halt to the pipeline in the event of an attack.

According to reports, the other probable measures involve prohibition upon Russia’s banks for converting roubles into foreign currencies or separating Russia from the Swift global financial payment system.

Further, Mr. Sullivan said citing Western reactions to Russia’s annexation of Crimea “Things we did not do in 2014 we are prepared to do now.”

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He also continued to add that there was “a lot of giving and take” in the call and “no finger-wagging” however he claimed that President Biden was “crystal clear where the United States stands on all of these issues”.

Video clip of the opening moments represented friendly greetings amongst the US and Russian leaders, before when the talks continued privately in closed doors.

The call was conducted on a secure video link layout within previous administrations but was not used ever before. President Putin had attended the meeting from his residence in the southern resort of Sochi and President Biden from the White House.

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