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Playa Vista: Man and Woman Engaged in Shooting

The Police Department of LA is asking the public for help in recognizing a shooter and his female partner in an attack that happened in Playa Vista on 21st September.

Police: The incident took place in the morning around 10:30 AM on Shared Drive, east of South Center Campus Drive, and started with an apparent conflict between the male shooter that may be linked with a road accident.

Video Clip of the Playa Vista Incident

A video was released by the Los Angeles Police Department in which a man is getting a bag from a woman, taking a gun out of the bag, and firing at another person many times. The victim tried to escape but unfortunately crashed his vehicle into a wall.

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He wasn’t hurt by any bullets or the accident, as he was trying to flee the shooter and his partner, who came back to their vehicle and started chasing him.

Police officials said that one bullet seemed to have hit the victim’s vehicle in Playa Vista. The guy who shot is believed to be around 25 to 28 years of age. His height might be somewhere between 5’10 and 6. When he was firing, he was wearing a grey or white-colored torso, black pants, and black shoes.


His partner might be around 20, 5’8, and a little skinny, police said. The clothing that she was wearing were light-colored pants, black fuzzy footwear, and a red-colored T-shirt.

If anybody knows anything about the incident, is asked to call Pacific Detective Jurado at (310) 482 6369. The calls must be directed to 1-877-LAPD 24×7 (877 527 3247), on weekends or during non-business hours.

Another incident in Playa Vista

After a brief chase in a South Los Angeles district, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a person. The reason behind the killing was that the person had kidnapped a woman and shot at good Samaritans.

It was around 4 AM in Vermont Vista when the incident took place. A video clip was also released that shows many police cars in a residential area.

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As per the officials, the man who was killed was firstly wished for attack with a deadly firearm. The search lasted just for a minute.

Sheriff’s deputies say that the person had kidnapped and raped a woman, as well as shot her three times inside half an hour. It began with an informant after the suspect car close to 103rd and Figueroa after apparently watching the person take a woman at gunpoint, they said.

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