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Facebook Post Claims to Show Evidence Joe Biden Used a Body Double for His Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shot

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Recently a post went viral on Facebook to a post shared by President Biden. As per the image shared it showed that a man with hairy arms got the COVID -19 booster and it is suspected that instead of President Biden it was his body double or an actor who took the shot of the COVID-19 booster as showed in the picture.

After the news went viral all the posts shared online has featured the screenshot of the Facebook posts as share by President Bidden earlier and the caption mentioned that if any people are having doubts that President Bidden had actually taken the COVID-19 booster then can they explain where the tattoo came from and how all of a sudden he has hairy ape-like arms?”

Comments of all the people for the post said that yes Biden has hired an actor who pretended to be his body double and is definitely the face of uncle Joe on the body of some other person and even commented that the post is completely edited and is fake.

Joe Biden

Recently when the news went viral a lot of social media posts had defamed and made a lot of false accusations that the, not President Bidden but the news had shown a body double or edited the image and posted it in various social media.

People even said that these kinds of baseless claims have made White House a typical movie set and in support of President Biden people said President  Biden took his 3rd COVID-19 shot on September 27, in hope support to spread the need of taking the shot where a lot of people have not even taken the first shot. first.

Where has the Tattoo Gone which was on President Biden’s Arm?

The image posted by President Biden raised a lot of questions to that said President Biden has a Tattoo on his left arm and it is not visible in the image he has posted. As it was proved from a photo shared previously when President Bidden was all shirtless wearing his sandals when he was washing his car outside the white house and it showed a tattoo was present on his left arm.

Moreover, later on, the image which showed his tattoo even got featured on the cover pages of a book which was named by the Onion as The Autobiography of President Joe Biden. The image was also used in a lot of other platforms including the satire website switch represent an article named the Guardian and Business Insider.

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However, seeing a lot of videos showing President Biden for taking his first and second shots even proves that he never had any tattoo on his left as described in the news. Also, all the people asking about no hair on Biden’s arms were the videos before he had taken the vaccine for COVID-19.

It is even possible that these images might have been changed due to the visual effects of the image as all the other images and videos showed that President Biden’s arms were not hairless during any of his doses. And that a false claim was made on President Biden’s vaccine shot taken here.

What was the Final Verdict of the Claim made on President Bidden?

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After a lot of discussion on the topic and the news going viral, it was proved that all the posts that are claiming President Biden hiring a body double for the vaccine shots are completely fake and President Joe Bidden had taken his third COVID booster shot successfully and all the claims made against him are completely fake. No further news has been provided yet but we will update you will more details once any news is out again.

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