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Rod Wave’s Net Worth Has Reached $3,000,000 ($3 Million) Now (Latest Study)

Rod Wave's net worth

Rod Wave's net worth

Rod Wave is a modern-day American rapper, YouTuber, songwriter, and singer who soon became an entrepreneur and had released some of the top hit singles to date. He has independently recorded and released many mixtapes and the song received fame.

Though the rapper had a troubling past, he did manage to earn a good lifestyle for himself in the future. Rod Wave’s net worth is higher than ever and with more work in the line, the rapper is hoping to increase his income.

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Rod Wave’s Early Life

On 27th August 1999, Rod Wave was born in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. Rod Wave is just his stage name as his parents named him Rodarious Marcell Green. He did have a passion for singing and started exploring the potential of his vocals when he was in 5th grade.

It was at the same time that his parents got separated. He continued with his studies at Lakewood High School. To support the dream of his child, his father bought Wave a microphone and computer set-up. He was only 7 years old and Wave’s father had just come out of serving jail. 

But even Rod had a dark past. He did have jail time while getting involved in the armed robbery as well as concealed weapons. However, these items were used by Rod to create his own music. Though it was all in fun, his producer listened to his tracks and motivated him to make his music known to the world.

Rod Wave’s Career

It has been a tough road to success. Rod’s first-ever show was held at a strip club. It was during a school night and Rod earned 500 dollars on the first day. Soon, he started releasing the mixtapes and his breakout song was “Heartbreak Hotel” which caught the attention of the fans in 2016.

After the massive success, he proceeded to drop more singles namely “Gambling”, “Hunger Games”, “Think Too Much” etc. 

The mixtape that made him famous in the industry is his 2017 mixtape, “Rookie of the Year”. The rapper soon got a deal with the label, “Alamo Records”. After that, Rod’s debut album “Ghetto Gospel” hit the market on 1st November 2019.

It occupied a number 10 spot on the prestigious list of US billboard 200.  And next, “Pray 4 Love” was released in 2020 and it did reach the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200.

 As a matter of fact, many of his songs were also listed in the Billboard Hot 100 list. “Rags2Riches” is one such song that got a number 12 position. His third album, “Soulfly” dropped on 26th March 2021 and he had talented artists performing on this album. Big names such as Kevin Gates, Moneybagg Yo, and many other prominent names were featured.

Later, his songs became viral on TikTok and that did help his career to grow. He has 4.5 million fans on Instagram and his YouTube channel has got more than 3.70 million subscribers. Every day, his popularity is growing.

 Rod Wave’s Personal Life

Rod Wave’s Girlfriend

Rod is just 22 years old but is already a father to 2 twin daughters. He is currently with his girlfriend Kelsey H and reportedly engaged. They are looking forward to having a bright future together.

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Rod Wave’s Net Worth 

In 2022. Rod Wave’s net worth is $3 Million. Currently, he has over $40,000 monthly income. He is known for spending huge chunks of money on his lifestyle. The rapper owns a huge range of luxury cars.

He has a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that cost him $60,000. Next, he had spent $82,490 on ‘A Dodge Durango Srt Hellcat’. Other cars are ‘Mercedes Maybach S680’ at a price point of $215,000, ‘Mercedes Benz Convertible,’ ‘Rolls-Royce Cullinan,’ ‘Infiniti Q60 Red Sport,’ ‘Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe’, and Volvo S90.

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