What is Michael Burry Net Worth in 2022? (UPDATED)

What is Michael Burry Net Worth in 2022? In addition to his work in medicine, Dr. Michael Burry is also a computer scientist, value investor, and manager of hedge funds. Burry is the creator of Scion Capital LLC, a fund he managed during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, which resulted in billions of dollars in gains for his customers.

Christian Bale portrayed Burry in the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’s book “The Big Short,” in which he starred as a character named Burry. Burry founded Scion Capital LLC in 2001. Burry’s clever investing approach resulted in a 55% return in its first year. Scion was worth $600 million to him by 2004. Scroll down for Michael Burry Net Worth.

Michael Burry Early life

Having lost his left eye to retinoblastoma when he was just two years old, Michael Burry has worn a prosthetic eye for the rest of his life. When Michael was a kid, he obsessively studied a single topic until he was an expert. His slight autism would be discovered at some point in his adulthood. Michael, on the other hand, had a minor autistic spectrum disorder, which led to an introverted attitude and the capacity to focus on complex subjects.

Michael Burry Education

Burry graduated from Santa Teresa High School and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Burry moved on to pursue pre-med.

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At Stanford University Medical Center, Burry did not finish his residency in neurology after earning his medical degree from Vanderbilt. The Medical Board of California still recognizes him as a licensed physician, even though he no longer practices medicine. In 2000, Burry founded Scion Capital LLC, a financial services firm.

Michael Burry Start of Investment Career

A financial investment expert, Burry spent his free time working on his craft while studying at Stanford, where he found great success with value investing. Because of his success in picking stocks, he attracted the attention of prominent investors like Joel Greenblatt and White Mountains Insurance Group.

Michael Burry Net Worth
Michael Burry Net Worth

Investing, according to Burry, is based on the 1934 book “Security Analysis,” and the notion of margin of safety underlies all of his stock selection. Burry launched his hedge fund, Scion Capital, in late 2000, financed by both an inheritance and loans from his family members. As soon as he started working, he made enormous returns for his investors.

During his first full year in 2001, the S&P 500 was down 11.88 percent, according to reports. The following year, the S&P 500 sank while Burry rose once again. By the end of the year, his investments had grown by 50%. Burry shorted overvalued tech equities to obtain these results. He was in charge of roughly $600 million by the year’s conclusion in 2004. Scroll down for Michael Burry Net Worth.

Michael Burry Further Investing Career

In 2013, Burry restarted his hedge firm as Scion Asset Management and began submitting tax returns under the exempt reporting advisor designation. As a result, he shifted his focus to gold, water, and farmland investments—Alphabet Inc., the parent corporation of Google, and Facebook Inc.

The housing bubble burst in late 2020, and Burry predicted that Tesla’s stock would follow suit. According to the reports, he has put options on 800,000 Tesla shares. Burry is also said to have put options worth over $31 million on ARK Investment Management, a company in which he owns a significant stake.

Michael Burry Personal Life

Burry, his wife, and their kid live in Saratoga, California. Burry feels he may be affected by Asperger syndrome after reading up on the condition after his kid was diagnosed with it. Scroll down for Michael Burry Net Worth.

What is Michael Burry Net Worth in 2022?

Dr. Michael Burry is a wealthy American hedge fund manager, financier, and physician. Michael Burry Net Worth of $300 million. Scion Capital LLC, of which Burry was a founding member, made Burry a household name. As a result of Scion, he made a fortune by correctly predicting the real estate market crisis of 2008.

In the 2015 film “The Big Short,” Christian Bale plays Burry, an investment banker. Scion Capital LLC had a 55 percent return after opening in 2001, mainly to smart wagers against tech equities ahead of the internet boom. Scion Capital LLC. As of 2004, he was in charge of more than $600 million in assets.

How rich is Michael Burry?

Value investor Dr. Michael Burry appears in “The Big Short” and is well-known to moviegoers. Burry foresaw the 2007 mortgage crisis and the 2008 economic disaster, which he anticipated. While many banks and hedge funds went under, Burry’s fund was a huge winner, raking in billions of dollars for its investors.

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