A Complete Timeline Of Nick Cannon Dating History in 2022

Who Is Nick Cannon Dating? There is a lot to celebrate in Nick Cannon’s life right now. The Masked Singer will return to FOX soon, which is a good start. To add to that, he has seven adorable children to whom he is a doting dad. Nick has made news for the past year since he has welcomed three children from various partnerships, but there is no reason to judge him for this. Nick is not a fan of monogamy, but he does like the idea of a large, harmonious, and blended family.

Nick recently stated on Power 106, “I’m having these kids on purpose.” There was no accident on my part. I could have gotten pregnant, but I didn’t, by a large number of individuals. You have only one shot at this life. On ExpediTIously, the presenter admitted that he has never been in a monogamous relationship, saying, “I knew I would never be married again once I broke away from it.” You can’t expect me to fit into that framework.

Even though I had never believed in marriage before, I gave it my best because, well, crap, it was Mariah Carey. And I agree with all she says! She is the only person I can see myself marrying. Even though Nick and Mariah are no longer together, Nick seems to be involved in multiple devoted co-parenting relationships, therefore we’re going to take a look at his past relationships. Honestly, it’s not hard at all.

Who Is Nick Cannon Dating?

If you’re confused about Cannon’s love life and family situation, we’ve got the answers. These may be the television host’s current flame because she just gave birth to his eighth child, but TMZ claims that Cannon is expecting a ninth child with De La Rosa, with whom he shares twins, this October, and a tenth child with Bell, with whom he shares two children.

A monogamous relationship isn’t Cannon’s thing, he said on the ExpediTIously podcast in 2019. He eventually concluded that he could never commit to a single lady again. When asked about his 2008 marriage to pop icon Mariah Carey, he said, “I did it in marriage, I was very faithful in my marriage.” He later filed for divorce in 2014.

During an interview with Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives last year, he went for it on his radio show. When the reality star mentioned wanting to be in a monogamous relationship, he added, “Men don’t subscribe to monogamy because they feel that it’s not natural in their makeup, in their DNA.

Nick Cannon Dating History 

Alyssa Scott TBD to 2021

It was announced in June 2021 that Nick and model Alyssa Scott had given birth to a son, Zen (Nick’s eighth child). Nick and Alyssa’s baby is cute, but we don’t know how they met.

A Complete Timeline Of Nick Cannon Dating History in 2022
A Complete Timeline Of Nick Cannon Dating History in 2022

Abby De La Rosa 2020 to 2021

Twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir were born to Nick and Abby in June 2021, not long after Abby revealed her connection with Nick in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Lanisha Cole 2017 to 2020

Nick dated model Lanisha Cole in 2017 and 2020, but they seem to have broken up by 2021.

Jessica White 2015 to 2020

Former flame and model Jessica White has lately suggested that Nick was dishonest about Brittany Bell’s pregnancy. “He informed me that he told her that I just had a miscarriage two weeks before her news came out,” she revealed on Hollywood Unlocked in January. She was aware that I had taken up residence at his place. However, Instagram was where I and the rest of the world first learned of it.

Brittany Bell 2014 to 2020

Since his initial breakup with Mariah Carey in 2014, Nick and Brittany have had a sporadic relationship. They welcomed a son in 2017 whom they named Golden and a girl in 2020 whom they named Powerful Queen.

Mariah Carey 2008 to 2016

Nick and Mariah tied the knot in 2008, and in 2011, they welcomed twins, Moroccan and Monroe. They broke up in 2014 and reconciled the following year, but they divorced for good in 2016. Since then, they have remained on civil terms, and they share parenting responsibilities.

Selita Ebanks 2007

Nick and Selita were engaged for five months in 2007, so they had plenty of time to do the red carpet thing despite the short duration of their relationship.

Kim Kardashian 2006

A breakup with Ray J in 2006 prompted Kim to begin dating Nick. Kim was Brandy’s stylist on the set of Moesha, and apparently, the two of them hit it off after meeting there.

Christina Milian 2003 to 2005

Nick and Christina dated for approximately two years before she accused him of infidelity as they worked together on Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Christina told E! News in early 2019 that she had evidence of Nick’s infidelity in the form of text messages: Nick addressed the charges on the Power 106 radio show, claiming, “I wasn’t cheating…you need to be in a relationship to cheat” and thinking, “I don’t think I did anything illegal.” Yikes! In any case, Nick is a wonderful father to his children, and his personal life is probably nobody’s concern except his own.

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