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How To Turn Off Sound On Instagram Stories? Queries Solved!

How To Turn Off Sound On Instagram Stories

How To Turn Off Sound On Instagram Stories

Ever since Instagram launched, the application has only seen the number of users growing over time. In the current era, almost everyone has an account on Instagram and almost anyone who has an account actively uses the app to check out the content, pictures, stories, and much more. Instagram has grown massively popular over the years and we can only expect more and more users to come on board with each passing day.

The application has steadily been growing and the developers are ensuring it stays relevant to everyone even when we see new social media apps entering the market. Recently, however, there has been a glitch to the Instagram application that is bugging a lot of users and also forcing them to give up on Instagram and switch to other modes of entertainment. 

How to turn off sound on Instagram stories? Why it is bugging everyone?

How to turn off sound on Instagram stories? Neither is this a new feature nor is it something a lot of people are unclear about. Now, to turn off sound on Instagram stories doesn’t seem like a difficult or overwhelming task but there has been a glitch that is causing frustration to a lot of users. In the recent past, over the past few months, the application has seen a ton load of new features being developed and served. The users, however, have not always loved these new features and it did frustrate many users, more than they have enhanced it. 

 Currently, the new bug is causing a headache and some users discovered that they cannot turn the sound down for their Instagram stories. Not only is this annoying and restricting people from giving stories, but users are also threatening to abandon the application because of the issue. We have seen how more and more people are shifting away from Instagram and choosing other social media platforms and if this issue persists, we can expect a larger chunk of the audience to leave the app. 

Turn off sound on Instagram stories, Is it a bug or a real issue?

Anyone frequent on Instagram might have caught wind of this recent bug that stops you from turning off the sound on Stories. More and more people are asking, “how to turn off sound on Instagram stories?” Well, it is a bug and it has appeared after many updates on the platform. Users also face issues with larger posts and suggestions from users they don’t follow.

While the issue has stirred major concern among the users, reports suggest that the problems with the stories started on September 7 and have been troubling, without any solution. People have taken it to social media to complain and raise the question of how to turn off sound on Instagram stories. One of the users tweeted, “I’m uninstalling Instagram Stories and playing with sound automatically even when I don’t have my sound on. That’s the final straw.” Another person took to Twitter to enquire, “How can I stop this?!!! My whole phone is on mute but when I play Instagram stories, the sound is on.” Some users are also complaining of the same issue even with reels. 

How to turn off sound on Instagram stories? What can you do? 

In the past, we have seen numerous types of glitches and bugs on the platform but it is usually fixed in a few hours. If it is not fixed by the time you are reading this, here are some things you can do instead.

 Lowering the volume using the volume button might work for good. Though it is the most conventional step anyone would do, sometimes people miss out on it. Using the volume button to lower the sound of the story or the reel may certainly help you turn off the sound for Instagram stories.

You can even try and use the sound icon to turn off sound on Instagram stories.

If none of the above works, you can use the media volume to turn off sound on Instagram stories. This feature, however, might not be available on some phones but if it is there on your phone, it’s more likely going to work. You must go to Settings and then click on the “Sound” and “Vibration” settings. From there, go to the media and lower the volume. If you are using an iPhone, you can flip the switch on the side to turn off sound on Instagram stories.

This latest bug is raising concern as users are not being able to turn off sound on Instagram stories. We are thinking it to be a bug but if it turns out that this is a deliberate move on Instagram’s part, a lot of users will be annoyed and irritated with the change.

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