The Most Thrilling Warrior Nun A “LGBTQ” Show? Must Know!

Netflix’s Warrior Nun which features thrilling action, intense drama, and an engaging plot, keeps audiences glued to their screens. The drama series created by Simon Barry was based on the Ben Dunn comic book character Warrior Nun Aralea.

Ava Silva, a teenage orphan with tetraplegia is the story’s main character. Alba Baptista plays her. One day, she unexpectedly awakens in a morgue with superpowers and is assigned the role of Halo Keeper for a fabled order of warrior nuns.

To understand the history of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, Ava is coerced into training with the nuns despite her misgivings. While the security of the Vatican and the entire world is in danger, Ava discovers her inner strength. She fights off a protracted conflict between Heaven and Hell with her newly acquired skills. The compelling storyline, spectacular battle scenes and strong acting in the series earned it tremendous praise.

Beatrice’s sexuality had already been established in Season 1 and as they fall in love with one another in Season 2 it is also made clear that Ava is a lesbian. As a result, many viewers ponder whether the program is both an LGBTQ program and an action-thriller program. Let’s investigate that.

Ava And Beatrice’s Kiss Scene Confirms Warrior Nun’s LGBTQ Status

Warrior Nun has more than just a suspenseful narrative. Yes, the Netflix series qualifies as an LGBTQ show as well, particularly since Ava, the lead character falls in love with someone of the same gender. In Season 1, Beatrice came out to Ava as a lesbian and expressed how difficult it was for her to have her sexuality accepted by so many people.

When she and Ava fell in love with one another in Season 2, the fans adored it. Let’s go over their tale in more depth. Barry is referring specifically to a scene in episode eight where Beatrice finally tells Ava who she is. In Season 1, Beatrice is a badass throughout the entire season.

Is Warrior Nun An LGBTQ Show?
                                                     Is Warrior Nun An LGBTQ Show?

The two try to figure out what is stopping Ava from using her real power in the current situation. Beatrice tells the tale of a former Warrior Nun from 1942 who, although enraged, found the power within. When the Nazis discovered she was a lesbian, they locked her in and she was fighting them.

Ava makes the ultimate sacrifice in one of Season 2‘s episodes because she believes it is the Warrior Nun’s responsibility to do so. Despite Beatrice’s objections, Ava makes her decision, although she stays to give her the first kiss before leaving. Ava gives him a deep forehead kiss and says farewell with all her heart before moving across the floor to find the stolen Arc.

Later in the episode, Beatrice is driven to send Ava through the gate to the Other Side to heal from her fatal wounds (after battling an entire army of crazy fanatics). After Ava has already left, Beatrice responds to Ava’s parting words to her, which are a statement of love.

Although this may appear to be a simple reveal, viewers interpret Ava and Beatrice’s canon status as a special type of vindication and a hopeful beginning to making up for years of being let down by the previous series.

The most notable of these burns over the years has been queerbait which is a television writing technique that frequently floats a connection between two characters of the same gender who are either canonical couples or just good friends.

In Season 2, Ava and Beatrice often refer to one another as “best friends” and “sisters,” find a boy who becomes the focal point of their relationship as a result of Michael’s return and share many heartbreaking moments.

Is Warrior Nun An LGBTQ Show?
                                                                Is Warrior Nun An LGBTQ Show?

What makes a difference is the show’s dedication to this partnership which has allowed all of those previously dangerous moments to be reframed as canonical text rather than just the fantasy of LGBT fans. Warrior Nun affirmed its commitment to its LGBT characters—and its queer audience—before the characters even utter a word. This was done by emphasizing their connection as one of the main issues.

Beatrice’s tale is not the only one that is tied to the pair. Ava’s path of learning and acceptance is also eloquently shown. Ava eventually comes to terms with sacrificing herself for Beatrice’s sake and the sake of the rest of the world since her love for Beatrice and desire to be with her pale in comparison to her responsibility to keep her safe.

Near the end of the season, this happens. This makes Ava’s kiss with Beatrice her prize for herself before she gives her life to save a world that has never really cared about her. And her final declaration of love follows her sorrowful farewell.

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Final Words

The conclusion of Warrior Nun could have been as dangerous as Supernatural’s gaffe in which a character’s gay love confession sent them straight to hell but it seems like a sign of genuine trust between the show’s creators and the viewers, a tacit understanding established by Ava and Beatrice’s season-long storylines.

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