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Smokey Glow and Charles Tobias’s Reason for Getting Divorce!

Smokey Glow Divorce

Smokey Glow Divorce

Smokey Glow and Charles Tobias’s reasons for splitting up – Smokey Glow is an American YouTuber whose husband, Charles Tobias, just left her.

She posted a sad video update about her life on her official YouTube channel, Smokey Glow. In the video, she talked about her marriage, divorce, and current situation.

She hadn’t posted a video to her channel in about a month, so she decided to talk about her divorce from Charles to let her fans know what she was going through and what they could expect from her in the future.

Smokey Glow and Charles Tobias Got A Divorce Because…

Hannah, who was better known as Smokey Glow, and Charles Tobias got a divorce in 2022. In a video posted on November 23, 2022, she talked about everything about her divorce.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, she wasn’t married to everyone because she and her husband chose to have a private ceremony with only their closest friends and family.

In March 2021, she got married, and Charles’ brother presided over the ceremony. They were really looking forward to a big wedding party in 2022, but fate had other plans.

She said that because she and Charles respect each other so much, neither of them would say too much about why they broke up. Also, since she and her husband had been together for more than six years, she wouldn’t say bad things about him.

In her video update on her life, she and her husband said that they felt like things were getting worse in the fall. In May 2022, she went on vacation with her friends to Costa Rica, where they talked about her miscarriage. Other things also happened in the same month, and at the end of May, they decided to split up.

She thought that things weren’t going well between them, and they both wanted to figure out what to do with their lives and situations. Even though they were married, they shared different rooms in the same house.

They had a big problem because their wedding party was coming up in July and they didn’t know how to tell their parents about their situation. Friends and family didn’t know what was going on between them.

Because they decided to split up, they finally decided to cancel the wedding party. She thanked her friends and family for helping her and her husband take care of all the wedding vendors.

In the summer of 2022, they found it hard to live together because they kept running into each other in the kitchen and living room. They decided to spend their wedding weekend in different places.

Smokey Glow and Charles Tobias Got A Divorce

But the week of her wedding party, she got covid and moved out of the house to spend ten days alone in a hotel, away from her friends, family, and husband. Her uncle died at the same time, so she had to go to Virginia for the funeral. Since her uncle was also her godfather, it was hard for her to lose two of the most important men in her life.

She and Charles were a great couple, and The Glow Show podcasts often showed them together. Fans were shocked to hear about their breakup because they liked them together.

Smokey Glow’s Divorce And Life Update

Smokey Glow and her husband broke up, and she now lives with two of her best friends. She said it was hard to see Charles leave and her new life begin without him.

They were together for six years, and when they broke up, they both felt scared and awful. She tried to cheer herself up by saying that she wasn’t the first person to go through such a terrible thing.

She thought she couldn’t work well because Charles was her main motivation and the reason she did everything right. He would watch her videos before she posted them, and sometimes he would push her to post a video even if she didn’t like it.

She even got teary-eyed when she talked about how she will handle work and life without Charles in the life update video. He helped her get her Bachelor’s degree, which was one of her biggest accomplishments.

She said she would get over her anxiety and health problems and focus on “glomas.” Glomas is the name of her project in December, where she posts a video every day for the whole month. She wants to do the December project not only for her fans but also for herself because this year has been too stressful for her.

She is thankful that her fans support her and watch her videos, even if they don’t do so as often as they used to. She will also post a review of the third season of “Love is Blind” and more videos before the big “Glomas” project in December.

At the end, she said that she and her husband are going to share custody of their dogs because they both love them very much. She posted the video only after showing it to Charles first.

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