5 Most Popular Card Games Similar to Spades

If you’re a fan of card games, Spades is probably one of your go-to’s. But if you’ve been looking for something new and exciting similar to the classic, look no further! We’ve gathered some of the most popular games online with a hint (or more!) of Spades built right in.

Whether you want to play in partnerships, individually, or more, these options will keep you entertained with their twists on traditional gameplay. From fast-paced battles to strategic bidding wars, there’s something here for everyone! Let’s go through our top picks and let the fun begin!

Card Games that are Similar to the Classic Spades Game

You might have played Spades dozens of times and want something interesting to enjoy. Fortunately, numerous alternatives are available. You only need to choose the best one that reflects your plan and suits your taste.


The first game on our list is called Whist, an English trick-taking game believed to have been played during the 18th and 19th centuries. It has plenty of room for strategy playing, perfect for those who like to outwit their opponents. Like Spades, Whist is played with four players divided into two teams sitting opposite each other.

It utilizes a standard deck of 52 cards, with the highest card being Ace and the lowest 2. Drawing cards determine the teams; the two highest will play against the two lowest. Here, partners must not comment about the hand one was dealt or another’s good or bad fortune. Players are also not allowed to signal to their partners.

Basic tactics when playing Whist:

  • Opening lead must lead with the strongest suit
  • It’s best to lead the King from a sequence of honors for first-hand
  • Secondhand plays low for single honor
  • Third-hand plays high
  • Discards are suits are low-value

Bid Whist Plus is an excellent smartphone app for those who like to test their skills before challenging others. Download it for an exceptional gameplay experience with intuitive controls.

Oh Hell!

Oh Hell, also known as Oh Pshaw, is another popular card game that’s easy to learn and master for the entire family. It’s also known as Contract Whist, which is of British origin. The goal is to take the exact number of tricks bid. It was initially called Oh Well and was described by B. C. Westall around 1930.

Unlike other trick-taking games, like Call Break and Spades, where extra ticks earn you added points, this game will mean failure if you win extra tricks. So the exact number of tricks you will bid matters. Players can play for a fixed number of deals between three to seven players. The trump is determined by drawing a random card after all cards are dealt to the players.

If you want to play Spades online for free but with some spicy challenges incorporated into its gameplay, play this popular trick-taking card game for free.


A must-try game where trick-taking is a requirement would be Pitch. It’s a descendant of All Fours, an English game from the 17th century. Some players call it an auction pitch, setback, or high-low jack. It’s also played by three to five players, played individually or in teams of two players.

Basics of Pitcher:

  • Each player receives six cards
  • Trick bidding refers to players bidding the highest trick to become the pitcher
  • The lowest bid is two, and succeeding bids must be higher than the last one
  • The first player to receive seven points is the winner

If you compare it to other games, Pitch is relatively more complicated. The scoring is also a bit complex, so it’s best to practice your skills to at least learn how it’s played. Search for browser-based platforms that offer Pitch for free, so you can hone your skills without downloading any app.


This trick-taking card game employs 32 cards, and it’s also known as an Ace-Ten game that’s primarily played in France and some European countries, such as Greece, Croatia, Armenia, Bulgaria, and more. For French-speaking countries, French-style decks are used. On the other hand, German-style cards are employed by former Yugoslav countries as well as in Bavaria, Germany.

Since the game is played in different countries, the game is played differently. But for the most part, the game rules and some techniques are the same. A 32-card piquet deck with four suits with eight ranks isn’t shuffled between games. It’s also played mainly by four persons in pairs, but other versions allow five players, with three players in one team and two in the other.

A play consists of eight tricks, with the first one started by the dealer’s successor. The player can start the round with any card, but succeeding players must follow specific rules, such as:

  • Following the dominant suit
  • A higher-ranking card must be played if the dominant card is a trump
  • Trump card must be played if the dominant isn’t a trump suit and can’t be followed

French Belote is an app version anybody can download on their smartphones. It’s perfect for players who consistently play spades online for free but want something more sophisticated.

Cắt Tê

Lastly, Cắt Tê is a popular game originating in Vietnam and can be played by three to six players. It uses 52 cards, and the objective is to win the last trick in a given round. Therefore, players have to be skillful in ensuring that they win.

It has some similarities to Tien Gow but utilizes cards instead of dominoes. There’s also one betting round per game, with all players making the same bet. Additional rewards and penalties are due for precise outcomes, so players must be prepared.

Catte: Cát Tê Offline is excellent for offline gaming, where players can play against an intelligent AI. It’s also free, so you don’t need to worry about getting charged for playing.

Play Trick-Taking Card Games Like Spades for Free

There’s an array of card games to play, which every fan of Spades should be aware of. These also employ trick-taking elements, albeit with different rules for certain games. As such, players who want to have a change of pace should try one of these popular card games.

The best part is that you can play them offline or online, depending on the app’s features! Get them now on your PC, smartphone, or any mobile device to enjoy everywhere you go!

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