The Circle Season 5: In Which City Is It Filmed?

About six months have passed since the last time we saw The Circle on TV. Half a year later, the American version of the British series is back with more catfishes, more alerts, and more opportunities to answer the big question: how far would you go to be popular if $150,000 was at stake?

Find out when the new season of The Circle will air, how the show is structured, and what the “singles” theme will be by reading on!

Is season 5 of The Circle in the Works?

Absolutely! Netflix has confirmed that they have renewed The Circle for a fourth and fifth season, beginning in August 2021, thanks to the success of the first season and the continued success of seasons two and three.

The Circle Season 5
The Circle Season 5

What is the release schedule for The Circle season 5?

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the first episodes of season 5 of The Circle in the United States will air. In November of 2022, the Circle’s official social media accounts made the declaration.

When Will Season 5 of The Circle Premiere?

The exact premiere date for season 5 of The Circle has not been revealed as of yet. We can only speculate, but it seems likely that the release schedule will be a mix of weekly and binge releases, much like the show’s previous seasons. The most likely timing is as follows:

—December 28: Episodes 1-4
—January 4: Episodes 5-8
—January 11: Episodes 9-12
—January 18: Finale

What will season 5 of The Circle be about?

The Circle finally appears to have a central theme in its first American edition. Promotional materials for a new show called The Circle: Singles suggest that all of the cast members will be single adults.

There’s a good chance that this season’s obstacles and interactions will emphasise finding love along the way to the finale, which would be in keeping with the show’s general approach to the flirting that seems to come with every season.

Just How Does Everyone in The Circle Get Along?

Participants from all walks of life are locked in separate apartments within the same building for the duration of The Circle. The company, they have only “The Circle,” a voice-activated platform where they can communicate with other competitors. Someone can be themselves, a different version of themselves, or someone entirely different when they only show themselves through their profile.

In What City is The Circle Shot?

Season 1 of The Circle appeared to have been shot in Chicago thanks to the extensive use of Chicago skyline shots and aerial drone footage of famous landmarks. Did we let them convince us? Nope! Salford, England served as the set for episodes 1 and 2 of The Circle. And for the rest of the seasons, production stayed put in Manchester, UK.

Is The Circle Scripted?

Like in any other reality show, the actors are encouraged and directed by the show’s creators and are given feedback on how to improve their performance. And let’s not even talk about the editing phase. They are most certainly arranging and editing the footage in order to highlight the specific points they desire.

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