A Potentially Stormy Weekend Ahead!


LEE COUNTY – The chance of rain and potentially severe thunderstorms will increase as we move through this Memorial Day weekend. Mostly sunny skies will endure today as the temperature reaches toward 80°F with gentle westerly breezes of 5-10 mph. Breezes become light as clouds move in overnight and temperatures dip to around 60°F.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms and a high around 80°F. Gentle breezes, this time from from the southwest, return for most of the day.

Saturday night will see an increase in rain and storm chances to 50% as a moist and unstable air mass moves into the area. Because this air mass is unstable, thunderstorms could pop up quickly and with little warning. Temps should drop to about 63°F, and a southwest wind of 5 mph should be fairly constant.

Showers and thunderstorms are likely Sunday, with chances rising to 70%. Gentle to moderate breezes (5-10 mph) from the south are likely.

For Sunday night, showers and thunderstorms remain likely, with a 60% chance of precipitation throughout the night. Temperatures will drop to around 62°F.

A 50% chance of showers and storms remains throughout Memorial Day, with a high of about 78°F and continued southerly breezes.

Beaufort Wind Force Scale

The Beaufort Wind Force Scale, commonly referred to as the Beaufort Scale, is a measure that relates wind speed to its effects observed on both sea and land. It was first devised in 1805 by Admiral Francis Beaufort, an Irish-born officer in the Royal Navy. The scale has been modernized and standardized since then, and it assigns a number 0-12, called the Beaufort number, and a description to wind speeds falling into certain speed brackets.

The following is a list of the Beaufort numbers, along with the descriptions, and the wind speeds associated with each.

0    Calm        <1 mph
1    Light air    1-3 mph
2    Light breeze    4-7 mph
3    Gentle breeze        8-12 mph
4    Moderate breeze    13-18 mph
5    Fresh breeze        19-24 mph
6    Strong breeze        25-31 mph
7    High wind/near gale        32-38 mph
8    Gale            39-46 mph
9    Strong gale        47-54 mph
10    Storm            55-63 mph
11    Violent Storm    64-72 mph
12    Hurricane        ≥73 mph

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