YouTube TV launched 4K: New package Update

YouTube TV has softly launched a new add-on package known as 4K Plus. It includes two much-anticipated features: 4K playback and offline downloads. The sole target of the 4K Plus package is to make people feel as if they are alive at that time. To enable that kind of expedition, YouTube is allowing 4K Plus subscribers to watch the action in 4K resolution with a limitless stream, as well as 5.1 Dolby audio functionality for all YouTube TV members – the latter being a direct response to the most common request from users who want to maximise their spectator perspective with dazzle audio.

These extra insights can help YouTube provide a more cinematic experience, offering it a distinct edge over rivals who are less likely to focus on live event video content. The modifications are all about leveraging a dedicated and productive community of YouTube TV viewers.

YouTube TV has released a new add-on that allows users to watch entertainment in 4K or record them to a DVR for offline viewing. The YouTube TV 4K Plus package is now available for $19.99 per month. It is in addition to the regular $64.99 per month YouTube TV subscription, so it’s not relatively inexpensive.

Pricing of the package

YouTube declared a few months earlier than preparing 4K broadcasting and downloadable playlists, although there was no indication of what subscribers had to spend. To ease the burden, YouTube has said early adopters can sign up for 4K Plus for half the price – $9.99 per month for the first year.  All current YouTube TV subscribers will receive a free 30-day trial (handy for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics). Customers will offer a small one-month trial if they sign up slightly earlier, and 4K Plus will be reduced in price to $9.99 per month for the first year if they sign up sooner.

YouTube TV launched 4K
YouTube TV launched 4K

 That’s usually less severe than $20, but once the eventual marketing comes up for renewal, you’ll be charged the full price. So, for the first year, you’ll pay $75 per month and $85 if you retain 4K Plus afterwards. As it turns out, the service will bundle them together in such a new add-on kit dubbed “4K Plus.”You can’t have one without the other.

When you factor in taxes and fees, it’s a no-brainer.

But wait, what’s it that they are not telling you…

One minor issue is that YouTube TV currently does not provide much 4K material. There are only a few movies available, including Blade Runner and Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as selected live and on-demand content from Discovery, Nat Geo, NBC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, FX, and Tastemade.

YouTube isn’t in a predicament to fix that problem. Still, it does promise that 4K Plus active users will be allowed to “watch major sports events this summer in 4K, and furthermore live curation from channels like NBC, sports like college football and basketball later this year, and on-demand content from FX, Discovery Networks, Tastemade, and much more.” You can find all accessible 4K programmes by searching for “4K.” YouTube TV is also gearing up for the Olympics with new capabilities that will allow you to dive into specific sports or glimpses in an event without having to scroll through manually.

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Why would you rather have 4K Plus?

Offline downloads are a big selling point. If you’re curious to know whether there are any limitations to the content that can be downloaded via offline downloads, any content that can be recorded to your cloud DVR can be downloaded. Any content recorded to your cloud DVR from the base channel package can be downloaded to YouTube TV’s mobile app, and there should be no channel or content restrictions. Another advantage of 4K Plus is “unlimited” frequent streams for any devices on your home Wi-Fi network. It is typically limited to three streams.

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