Agent King: Everything you need to know in 2021 

In an unusual move of artistic destiny, animation in our hemisphere—that is, cartoon television, films, movies, commercials, and so on—appears to speak solely in jokes and, for the most part, to children. And, thanks to darker, heavier, and more violent content, the animation is regaining its adult status.

Today we are talking about a show that’s hiding under the carpet despite being called out, I guess, millions, not lesser than ten million times. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we will be discussing Agent king and its status in 2021.

Remember in 2019, when news broke about this and fans (like us) were screaming to death? Guess what? We are still screaming. But this time- screaming in anger because Netflix is shamelessly hesitant to share the deets with us- until now in 2021.

Netflix has purchased the adult animated comedy-drama series “Agent King” from Priscilla Presley and John Eddie on the 42nd anniversary of Elvis Presley’s passing. The series also includes collaborations with Authentic Brands Group, Sony Pictures Animation, and Sony Pictures Television.

The series is solely based on Elvis Presley and his dreamy adventures. If you forgot who Elvis is, Holy potato, you forgot about Elvis Presley? Never mind, let me break it down for you here. 

Elvis Presley, nicknamed “The King of Rock & Roll” or merely “The King” by so many, continues to have a tremendous impression on contemporary entertainment as we know it today. His meteoric rise to superstardom in the 1950s was unprecedented in American history, and it was only mainly driven by his adoring admirers.

In the face of strict customs and graces, Elvis devotees let go of their shyness to roar and rave shamelessly, buy albums in droves, and ratchet up enough energy at sold-out events in ways never seen before.

Elvis Presley’s fans were unquestionably one of the first examples of what we now consider typical teenage fan behavior. His fans, if you remember, are called Memphis Mafias.

Agent king is a show center around him and was announced in 2019. The news from Netflix comes at the end of “Elvis Week,” a Graceland celebration of Elvis Presley’s music, movies, and legacy.

It’s been two years; if you have been wondering what’s up with the show, Read here! 

What will be the plot of ‘dark animated humorous show’

According to Netflix, Elvis Presley works as a super spy in this adult animated action-comedy. When Elvis is discreetly accepted into a shadowy government spy project to help counter the hostile powers that imperil the land he cherishes, he switches in his white jumpsuit for a jet pack – all while maintaining his day job as the King Of Rock And Roll. Nothing more is known about this plot, but the makers have started something.

“Ever since he was a child, Elvis Presley envisioned becoming a crime fighter who would combat crime and save the world! Priscilla Presley remarked, “Agent King allows him to do precisely that.” “My co-creator John Eddie and I are ecstatic to be embarking on this incredible production with Netflix and Sony Animation and to have the opportunity to introduce the world to an Elvis they’ve never seen before.” This acclaimed adventure story features one of the Unfulfilled dreams of the late star. 

Cast and crew of the show 

As of now, Only one character has gained the spotlight, and that’s, of course, Elvis Presley. Presley and Eddie, the show’s co-creators, will serve as executive producers. Jerry Schilling will work as a consultant on the project. Showrunner, writer, and co-executive producer Mike Arnold (“Archer”) will be on board.

The supervising director and co-executive producer will be Fletcher Moules. John Varvatos, a consulting producer on the series, will custom-design Elvis’ costume for the animated series. Jamie Salter of Authentic Brands Group will act as executive producer, with co-executive producers Marc Rosen and Corey Salter.

Release date of the highly awaited Elvis’ inspired show

It was in August’19 when Netflix officially uttered a word. Since then, no official information has been conveyed to us, let alone the Release date.

If a quick calculation is done, and it is assumed that production started in 2019 itself, it might be possible that the release date could be due somewhere in 2022. I mean, that’s a  hell of a lot of time margin even if COVID is considered to be the significant issue of the cease. 

Here’s hoping for Netflix to come live on the stage and speak up on the matter asap…

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