Phil Valentine, A Conservative Radio Host And Vaccine Sceptic, Dies Of Covid-19: Tragic News 

Phil Valentine, a conservative radio talk show presenter, located in Nashville who questioned if all individuals needed Covid-19 immunizations, died on Saturday, according to his employer, WWTN Radio. Valentine was 61 years old when he died due to prolonged critical health conditions. In a tweet, the station wrote, “Please keep the Valentine family in your thoughts and prayers.” 

Valentine Has Always Been Against Vaccines, but That Didn’t Take Too Long to Change

Valentine had previously expressed reservations about coronavirus vaccinations on and off. But, after testing positive for Covid-19 and before being admitted to the hospital care unit, he advised his listeners to think about it: “If I got this Covid virus thing do I have any possibility of dying from it?” If that was the issue, he recommended that the people get vaccinated asap. He stated that he chose not to get vaccinated because he believed he would not die ever.

Valentine officially disclosed that he had contracted Covid in a July 11 Facebook post. He wrote that the rumors are correct and that COVID is a virus that I have. Unfortunately for the cynics, it appears that he will make up for it. It was a fascinating experience, though. When I get back on the radio shortly, I’ll have to update you in that case. I’m hoping it’ll be tomorrow, but I’m thinking of taking a day off just in case. It’ll be decided during the game.” Sadly, that never happened. 

Valentine’s condition had worsened harshly by July 22, prompting his brother Mark to state his admirers via SuperTalk’s official Facebook page. Please note While Phil has never been an “anti-vaxxer,” he wishes undone not being more strongly ‘Pro-Vaccine,’ and looks forward to being able to more busily defend that perspective as soon as he is back on the air job, which we all hope will be short,” he wrote.

And the Condolences started pouring in

Phil Valentine was a conservative visionary who had a massive influence on the lives of many Americans,” tweeted U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn. “My heartfelt sympathies, prayers, and blessings go out to Phil’s wife, Susan, and their whole family. During this terrible and hurtful time, may they be comforted and encircled by love and care?”

A little about Phil valentine

Phil valentine was a phenomenal radio jockey. Phil Valentine had been a radio character since he was in his twenties and got in the spotlight as a renowned conservative host by railing against an income tax proposed by the Republican then Government. According to the sources, the program expanded into a nationally syndicated show that broadcast for 12 years on as many as 100 stations or even more. Valentine secured a three-year deal in 2019 to stay on 99.7 WTN after his stint officially. Valentine told The sources four years ago that his mother’s death in a vehicle accident inspired him to leave his little community in North Carolina and to take an important step in life ahead. 

Phil Valentine, A Conservative Radio Host
Phil Valentine, A Conservative Radio Host

Valentine wanted to be a rock star since he was a kid, and he began fronting bands at the age of 13. 

After a friend, Steve Brown, told him, “You’ve got a deep voice,” he dropped out of college and went to broadcasting school to pursue a career. Why don’t you try your hand and luck at the radio?” Valentine became a fiction writer and a podcaster near the end of his career, banding together with his son Campbell to share stories about history and non-political topics. 

So sad, radio won’t we radio after him, and we won’t be able to hear his strong manly voice – again. But the anti-vaccine should take a solid lesson from him too! At least there’s something Phil taught us before departing to the other world. All the people are encouraged to get the jabs as soon as they can, to avoid the situation Phil was in, it is even worse.

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