Why Nah he tweaking is trending all over Instagram? What is it? 

Gosh! Instagram acts so weird at times that it gets people to hop onto google to search what the hell is happening? Trends are made every day, but super trends stay for a lifetime and make you go nuts. So what exactly is up with Instagram today? Is it Selena Gomez New hook-up, hook-up? It’s about a drop-dead gorgeous picture of Taylor Swift, or is a new Billy Elish song turning reels upside down? No, we ain’t here talking about the Hollywood babies, no, not today! So what is it? Is Instagram up with another trend? Nah, he tweakin’. …what!? Know here! 

What’s Nah he tweakin

It is one of those once-in-a-lifetime occasions when a seemingly inconsequential event takes off and becomes the social phenomenon of the moment. In the last 24 hours, you’ve undoubtedly noticed “Nah he tweakin” across the comment sections of Instagram accounts. But what exactly does it imply? The term roughly translates to “he’s insane,” and since Lil Nas X stated it about Tony Hawk, the three words have become almost inextricably linked every moment you trawl.

In what sense is Instagram overrun by the phrase “Nah he tweaking?”

This comment, “Nah he tweakin,” appears on potentially thousands of high-profile accounts. Go to any Instagram account with many followers and check out the most recent post. You will find it there. Along the thread, you’ll notice dozens, if not hundreds, of various users posting “Nah he tweakin.” 

So how did the Nah he tweakin things started? 

Tony Hawk and Lil Nas X appear to have gotten themselves into an odd online feud. It comes after the skateboarder collaborated with Liquid Death on a range of boards that included minuscule drops of his blood. It surprised Lil Nas X, and many other fans have speculated that Hawk’s behavior is due to “tweakin.” Lil Nas X, a Grammy Award-winning artist, is a dark web meme master who remains in the center of attention, this time incorporating the X Games and skateboarding cult hero Tony Hawk.

The rapper mocks this concept not because he disagrees with it but because his version failed miserably.

Following Hawk’s unveiling of the Liquid Death Skateboard, a limited-edition run of 100 boards imbued with Tony’s blood, Lil Nas was quick to criticize the item’s absence of criticism. “Now that Tony Hawk has published skateboards with his blood spilled on them and there has been no public outrage as of now, are you ready to acknowledge that the blood in the shoes never bothered you anyway? Nas tweeted out early on August 25th, “and maybe u were mad for some other reason?” a post that went viral with over 250,000 likes as of writing. 

Nah he tweaking
Nah he tweaking

The 22-year-old is referring to his infamous bespoke Nike “Satan shoes” with genuine human blood drips for his Montero (Call Me By Your Name) single launch, which resulted in a lawsuit from Nike for the unauthorized alteration and sales. It’s generally believed that the suit was sparked by widespread outrage over the strongly Satanic-themed product being sold to a young, sensitive audience like Lil Nas’ — therefore, the rapper claiming the exact source of intensity, or rather the lack thereof, for Tony Hawk’s debut.

Lil Nas X replied to @rap’s Instagram photo about Tony Hawk’s blood boards with the now-famous three words, viral on Twitter and Instagram. Tony Hawk is selling blood-infused skateboards for $500 each, according to the Rap article… Lil Nas X responded, “Nah he tweakin,” a response that has almost 30,000 likes on Instagram as of this posting.

Other hypotheses floating around the internet suggest an internet assault on the world’s largest platforms, with botnet invasions and hacks hiding replies that don’t include the three famous words Nah he tweakin. Tony Hawk has not yet responded to Lil Nas’ reaction to his one-of-a-kind skateboards.

Have you also commented Nah he tweaking on any of your favorite celeb’s recent Instagram posts? If not yet, do it now and be a part of this fun-filled trend. 

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