Mike Pence: Biden Broke Our Deal With the Taliban

Mike Pence who was former Vice President recently criticized President Joe Biden for not keeping the deal as promised. This deal contained the Trump administration struck with the Taliban in a Wall Street Journal which was published on Tuesday.

Mike Pence, was also the former Indiana governor and congressman. He has called the troops to be removed from Afghanistan, unlike anything their country has handled a lot since the Iran hostage crisis.

Mike Pence: Biden broke our deal with the Taliban – it’s a humiliation not seen since the Iran hostage crisis

The comments received from Pence about the events in Afghanistan show that the country has watched a lot of terrible things in the past week. After the sudden attack from Taliban videos from Afghanistan show people running to save their life and clinging to American airplanes as the United States withdraws from a country it has fought in for 20 years. 

Pence after this incident blamed Biden for not planning properly for the country’s reckless retreat. He also argued that the president left American equipment that was all occupied by the Taliban and also failed to arrange a resettlement process for Afghan refugees.

After the incident Pence said this withdrawal has embarrassed America all over the world and caused allies to question their dependability, and has gained enemies to test our resolve. He also added that the Worst of everything is it has disrespected the memory of the heroic Americans who helped bring all the terrorists to justice after 9/11, and all who stayed and protected Afghanistan over the past 20 years.

Under the supervision of President Donald Trump, the U.S. made a deal with the Taliban, the military group that came to power in the 1990s. The  U.S. troops agreed to withdrawal on May 1. Mike Pence accused Biden of breaking the deal made by Donald Trump and of keeping the army troops in Afghanistan for a longer period than agreed


 Pence said as soon as Mr. Biden broke the deal, the Taliban showed a major offense against the Afghan government and took over Kabul. After this, Biden said he followed his decision to pull American troops out of Afghanistan. He had even announced to the public that it was very unlikely the Taliban would overrun everything and own the entire country. 

Biden said on Monday that this might unfold more quickly than it was anticipated”  The Afghan military collapsed, without even fighting If anything, the developments of the past week reinforced that ending U.S. military being involved in Afghanistan 

Biden even said that deal has provided the Taliban with the best military position since the invasion began in 2001.  However, Pence said that America’s endless war was coming to an end under Trump’s; rule. Pence also added how Mr. Biden handled this withdrawal and it came as a disgrace, for American servicemen and women who still had sacrificed in Afghanistan.

\Drew Anderson, the spokesperson for the Indiana Democratic Party, said Mike Pence was desperate to gain viability for a future presidential run for his choice Donald Trump in breaking the long-standing tradition. This kind of \partisanship might be dangerous to our nation and does nothing to support Americans and allies.

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