New York Eases Quarantine Rules for Essential Workers as Omicron Hits Key Industries

The first coronavirus case in the state of U.S New York city was confirmed on March 1, 2020. AS the day passed, there was a surge of Corona Virus patients in the city, and soon New York City became a focal point of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In April, the residents of New York City have experienced the most devastative April of their entire lives. No one had any idea what was going on at that time and how to stop this catastrophe.

From politician to scientist, all seems bemused and unable to answer the question of “When will people stop dying?”. By April 4, the total number of cases reported in New York was more than 12000.

By April 10, had more confirmed cases than any city outside the U.S. New York City had the highest number of confirmed cases until July 22, when it was first surpassed by Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

It was calculated that almost half of the state’s confirmed cases were reported in New York City, where 40% of the state population lives.

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Government response to the pandemic began with the full lockdown from March 2020 to April 2020, followed by a four-phase reopening plan by the city government from April 2020 to July 2020.

Within the lockdown period, citizens of New York city have to live a sort of prisoner’s life, prisoners of circumstances within the skirt of their homes.

After six months of the first Covid case reported in Wuhan, many countries started adopting different methods and techniques to stop the widespread outbreak of the disease. So as the local government of New York did to its reopening plan from July 2020.

Additional modifications to the plan have been imposed as the state has learned more about the pandemic due to political pressure. These modifications included smart and micro smart lockdown in which targeted zones of the City were put on lockdown until the situation got normal. 

According to the stats of  December 24, 25,769 cases have been reported, and 58,422 deaths have been recorded, and 71.3% of the people have been vaccinated to date.

New York eases
New York eases

Omicron Variant Hits US

California has reported the first case of the Omicron variant, and it hits all less than a month after entering the United States. However, New York eases quarantine rules for essential workers.

Gov. Kathy Hochul says essential workers can return to their work after five days of positive coronavirus test with the commitment that they must follow all safety precautions.

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The decision was justified because their presence at workplaces will be essential for other citizens as well as they all have families to feed.

Workers that have been allowed to perform their duties mostly belonged to the critical services which are essential for New Yorkers this including transportation, medical, and supermarket worker.

The governor made this announcement despite the fact that the number of patients of omicron variety has been on a continuous rise. Officials said that in New York City, the total number of daily injections of the omicron variant had risen dramatically in current days.

More than 44000 cases have been reported till Thursday. The Governor of New York has also pointed out that the data suggesting omicron variant has less severe infection than covid 19; this might be due to the fact that more than half of the country’s population have been vaccinated.

Governor further said that Positive cases do not mean that you are too sick to work, and She wanted that the critical workforce gets back to work as soon as possible.

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New York’s acting Health Commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett, said that the winter effect on the surge of omicron wave is already being felt.

On Thursday, the center of disease control and prevention has issued a new guiding policy in which he allowed workers affected by Covid 19 to get back to work after seven days of quarantine with new negative test reports.

However, Officials of New York City have further shortened the quarantine period to 5 days and also said that workers getting back to their workplaces does not need to be rested.

Governor also said that the current rising hospitalization rates are also a big concern for the local government and health care workers.

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