If You Survived “Sickness and Death” Without Vaccines, Say Hi!

There are always tweets on Twitter about the health of people. President Biden tweeted,” This fall of winter is the sake of your health and the health of your loved ones“. Winter is a time of viruses and flu. That’s why Someone tweeted on Twitter that if there is any person who did not get vaccines last year and is still alive without any health issues say Hi!

Let’s read what are the people’s reactions to it and what they feel about this tweet.

If there are any Unvaxxed Survivors of the Last Winter of “Sickness and Death” out There, Say Hi!

Last year there was a period time of sickness and death. But someone tweeted on Twitter, “If there are any Uncvaxxed Survivors of the Last winter of “Sickness and Death” out there, say Hi! Many more people answered this tweet by saying their views. 

Someone Said, “Hi! Am a freedom fighter who slept in her car at 30 degrees and stood for three weeks in Ottawa“. While temperatures hovered around 30, ate food cooked over bone fires by complete strangers and embraced thousands of Canadians without masks. When I sneezed the other day I wondered, If not for my se*ism, I might have been able to avoid harm.

Another one Tweeted, “Hello I have not been vaccinated and have never had covid“. You must be doing something right because I had the strangest symptom after taking covid 19 and I didn’t even follow the advice or the rules.

Someone said I am living proof that viruses don’t exist. I licked every supermarket basket in a two-month lockdown with no mask or hand sanitizer and nobody in my immediate family or in any other high-risk groups got sick. I’ve never gotten a vaccination up until the end of my life (which will be longer than the jabs fools).

Horrid Ugh tweeted that, “Hi! I have found new anti-vaccine friends to replace the ones I have lost”. I felt like I might have a cold but work required me to get checked out. I am morbidly obese though I am making progress in that direction and have heart disease. Am avoiding diabetes, am awaiting a second knee replacement and have never been vaccinated. In all my years, I’ve never felt better.

A Cancer Survivor Tweeted, “Hello! Standing tall as a cancer survivor who has never had an injection or worn a mask”. I was hit by it hard a year ago. I was hospitalized and was given oxygen for six months while taking Remdesivir. I don’t care how much money you offered me, I wouldn’t take the jab. I have survived and am doing fine. There’s no way to know if the vax would have prevented that!

Among from these Corry Allen Replied,” Aside from when Covid punched me in the face, I felt fine since 1999. After being sick for a few weeks, I felt better than ever“. Since then, I’ve used Covid to take care of my own loved ones. Stupidly entered the Dungeons of Death and lost it forever.

The fact that I was out of breath for weeks afterward was the most annoying part but then again, I have asthma and am immune-compromised. So by day three I was laughing my arse off and couldn’t believe otherwise healthy people my age were freaking out.

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Someone Replied, “I believe I once had covid. I haven’t gotten sick not even with a cold, since then“. Even though I’m not a doctor, I understood that natural immunity is preferable and that this was likely an intentionally risky experiment.

You can read about why unvaccinated covid survivors also need a Vaccine.

Why do Unvaccinated COVID Survivors Also need a Vaccine?

Proof of immunization against COVID-19 is becoming an increasingly common requirement for employment and recreational activities in the Golden State. Why, then should people who have already had a close call with the disease and thus developed natural immunity to the coronavirus, get another shot?

For a long time, opponents of mandatory vaccinations have argued that natural immunity, gained via the previous infection, is just as effective as vaccination. However, health officials warn that everyone including those who have survived the ravages of COVID-19 should get their hands dirty.

Professionals concur that recovering from COVID-19 does in fact provide some measure of natural immunity. However, the level of protection may vary from person to person, and it may not be as long-lasting as a vaccination. Evidence suggests that unvaccinated patients who recover from COVID-19 would be significantly better off getting vaccinated afterward.

Security guard Don McClaren checks IDs and vaccination records of patrons on Friday at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles, California.

After this update, you can read that Attorney in Vancouver Reminds Faith-Based Organizations of Vaccine Exemption.

Vancouver Attorney Reminds Community of Religious Exemption for Employer Vaccine Mandates

Van Vancouver attorney Angus Lee issued a statement Friday reminding locals that state and federal law support religious exemptions for religious objections to the COVID-19 vaccination. As more and more employers in Washington state have announced they will soon require employees to get the vaccination as a condition of employment.

This includes PeaceHealth and the Vancouver Clinic here in Clark County. In a public statement, a Vancouver lawyer points out that the law needs a religious exemption for employer vaccination regulations. The Vancouver office of the Angus Lee Law Firm can be found. Lee said that the exemption has been affirmed in both state and federal court proceedings.

Lee’s full statement on mandatory vaccination policies at companies is as follows:

When businesses in Washington state demand that workers inject themselves with experimental Covid treatments that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and fail to make exceptions for workers who object to the treatments on the basis of their religious beliefs. The businesses run the risk of violating state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

The Washington State Supreme Court ruled in Kumar v. Gate Gourmet, the state’s anti-discrimination law, “Creates a cause of action for failing to appropriately accommodate an employee’s religious practices.” As the Supreme Court explained, businesses cannot use “disparate impact” or “reasonable accommodation” claims to justify enforcing discriminatory practices that are otherwise hidden from view.

Such religious discrimination is also prohibited by federal law which states, “It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer… to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of such individual’s race, color, religion…

When it comes to employees’ religious observances, practices and beliefs, Federal law placed an affirmative duty on employers to appropriately accommodate them as one legal expert put it.

It has been determined that the federal law mandating that businesses accommodate their workers’ religious practices is legal. Employer defendant terminated an employee for refusing to work on Sunday owing to the employee’s religious beliefs. The employer’s failure to make an effort to accommodate the employee’s religious views constituted a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

The federal court of appeals ruled. Following this analysis, the court found the law to be constitutional. The widespread opposition to Covid vaccines is based on well-established anti-abortion religious convictions and this is widely acknowledged. Sincere religious convictions on this topic are widely held among Christians who adhere rigorously to anti-abortion teachings of the faith.

When we use vaccines or medications which utilize cell lines originating from aborted kids, we physically gain from the ‘fruits’ of one of the greatest sins of mankind. The terrible extermination of the unborn said one Christian expert.

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