Live A Live What About The Release Date? All The Major Insights!

Classic cult Live A Life is a fantastic gameplay, but it was a commercial flop and thus never saw a Colonial release. Square Enix has agreed to introduce this game back along with a two-dimensional High definition remake. 

Live a Live Release Date

The cult classic JRPG Live A Live will finally see a Western release this year on the Nintendo Switch. Here is the Live A Live Release Date for the Nintendo Switch. The Live A Live is released on July 22, 2022. So, Western fans get ready and sit tight as Live A Live is finally making Its way towards you.

Takahashi Tokita directed the game for the first time, and Yoko Shimomura assembled the rating. If the titles don’t ring a bell, the other gameplays they both have worked on after Live A Live should: Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, Kingdom Hearts, and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Undoubtedly, all of the gameplays, which have been released nearly 30 years ago and we have just mentioned, can be traced back to this game. Takashi Tokita is a Square Enix video game designer from Japan.

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He has been with the company since 1985, and he has served as the design director for Final Fantasy IV as well as the manager of Parasite Eve and Chrono Trigger. Tokita began working for Square in 1985 as a part-time worker, only becoming a full-time employee during the expansion of Final Fantasy IV.

He worked on graphic designing, testing, and special effects for the initial three Final Fantasy games before becoming the chief designer of Final Fantasy IV in 1991. He was in charge of Parasite Eve’s gaming design as well as writing the game’s story.

Following the successful remakes of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV, the team wanted to create new gameplay in the same style.

Live A Live What About The Release DateLive A Live What About The Release Date
Live A Live What About The Release Date

Tokita was the primary programmer on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Live a Live The Major Insights

Western enthusiasts will now indeed be able to enjoy this epic adventure. If you like Octopath Traveler or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you’ll enjoy the storyline of this game. Live A Life, like Octopath Traveler, has potential options that gamers can accomplish in any order.

Each of the seven scenarios has its historical situation and cast of characters. While the gameplay stays unchanged throughout situations, the game examines a variety of aspects depending on the scenario which is being played. 

The game consists of several scenarios which will get unlocked one by one as the player proceeds. The initial seven scenarios are easier to accomplish but the scenarios after the seventh one are relatively tougher. The player needs to play the game with an open and sharp mind to slowly and slowly achieve all the targets.

After achieving the seven available scenarios, an eighth scenario will get unlocked which is laid in the Medieval times or middle ages, which later leads to a final scenario that binds all seven previous scenarios around each other.

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In terms of similarities with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Live A Live has a recurring villain who stands the test of time, and the villain goes by various names – all with a variety of Odio – just as Dio torments generations of the Jojo family.

Ultimately a fantastic name that never made it to the Western fans, Live A Life is finally making its way to the West for the very first time on the Nintendo Switch. The latest animations are also a pleasant relief, and knowing that the game is a full new game release rather than an NSO Expansion Pack inclusion like Earthbound was, is a huge bonus for all of us.

Live a Live Trailer

Nintendo Switch has released an announcement trailer for the fans. You can watch the trailer on youtube by visiting the following link-


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