Is there a Sinister 6 movie in the works? Morbius Sets the Stage for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe’s Future

Sony has started the process of making a Sinister 6 movie, but there are still many unknowns.

Because it’s a Marvel film, Morbius has some teases for what’s to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The vampire anti-hero played by Jared Leto is expected to return, and he may even be joined by a couple of his old pals.

There’s a strong indication in Morbius’ mid- and post-credits scenes that Sony is gearing up for a Sinister Six team-up. But how would that operate in a shared universe without its Spider-Man? What does this mean for Tom Holland’s Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This is everything we know about Morbius and why it raises more questions than it answers about Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Sinister 6
Sinister 6

Mocking on The Sinister 6

It’s no secret that Sony has had a Sinister Six movie in the works for some time. The two Amazing Spider-Man films were laying the groundwork for this deadly alliance. Originally set for a 2016 release, Sony even went so far as to announce a two-part spinoff titled The Amazing Spider-Man: Sinister Six. However, after Sony and Marvel reached an agreement to add Spider-Man to the MCU, a lot of things changed.

Sinister Six seems to be a top priority for Sony, despite the original plans being canceled. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, five existing villains almost made it. Although Jake Gyllenhaal‘s character Mysterio appears to have been originally intended to return, certain NWH concept art implies otherwise. It begs the question of whether Sony put a halt to that plan because they didn’t want Marvel to be the first to conclude the Sinister Six race.

A Sinister Six in live-action appears to be a step closer with Michael Keaton’s Vulture making a last-minute appearance (and we’ll look into that more shortly). Adrian Toomes, who has been exiled to another reality, has already enlisted the help of Dr. Michael Morbius, and we can expect to see them both in Kraven the Hunter 2023 when they’ll be attempting to recruit Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Even if it takes a couple more spinoffs and sequels, they’ll eventually have six members.

Sony will have to answer the question of why Morbius agreed to be a part of this tiny cabal at some time. Vulture and Kraven have been members of the Sinister 6 since their inception in the comics. In contrast, Morbius is widely seen as Spider-buddy. Man’s Right up to his encounter with Toomes, Leto’s character is shown as heroic throughout the film.

Supervillain peer pressure or Toomes isn’t being ironic when he speaks of “some good” could be to blame for Morbius’ current predicament. At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, he made an effort to keep the secret identity of Spidey under wraps, thus his motivations may be more complex than a simple desire for revenge.

Marvel’s Extended Universe

After many reboots and three distinct Peter Parkers from three different realities, the antagonists in the Spider-Man movie series have remained rather consistent, which is interesting. Only one actor has so far played major characters including Doctor Octopus (Electro), Lizard (Electron), Sandman (Sandman), and Vulture (Vulture). A reference to Keaton’s Vulture hints that Morbius will continue to employ a similar tactic in future installments of the franchise.

In other words, Sony’s Sinister Six tale will have a recurring multiverse element. As enemies from the Venom/Morbius universe and the MCU collide, we may expect to witness more of Doctor Strange’s effects, including the reappearance of familiar faces. No, we don’t expect Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus to be engaged, as NWH seems to close the tale and send them back to face their deaths. While Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino are absent from the film, Strange’s magic may serve as a bridge to bring them in. The assumption is that Venom and Morbius aren’t already in the Amazing Spider-Man reality.

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Will There Be An Iron Man 4?

In this case, Sony doesn’t have to spend time establishing each member of the Sinister 6 in a separate film. Kraven needs a thorough introduction, but Sony already has a head start because of the Marvel multiverse.

Morbius and Spiderman’s Disappearance

It remains to be seen how much of a tie-in there will be between Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and the MCU in the future, even though Sony appears to have a strategy for connecting all of these Spider-Man spinoff films. Venom and Morbius have been released, but we don’t know where these movies take place or if this world has its Spider-Man. While Venom is mentioned by Morbius and other Marvel villains are mentioned, Spidey remains missing from the movie. When Morbius meets Vulture, he shows no sign that he’s ever heard of Spider-Man.

Morbius trailers teased various Spider-Man references that were deleted from the final picture, as well. There was a shot of Spider-Man graffiti with the word “murderer” in the trailers, implying a sequel to Far From Home (and that it’s an MCU-based movie, which it isn’t) and that the movie would build on that. There was also an alternate Morbius/Vulture sequence in the trailers, as well as an image of Oscorp Tower. To what extent did Marvel Studios exert influence over Sony so they would limit the number of Easter eggs referencing Spider-Man in Morbius to a time after No Way Home’s release date?

Daniel Espinosa, the filmmaker of Morbius, has minimized the significance of these exclusions while also making it clear that he is not free to reveal the universe in which the film takes place.

Comments by Espinosa may indicate that even Sony hasn’t worked out how Venom, Morbius, and Kraven the Hunter fit into the Spider-Man universe. These spin-offs may be set in a world apart from Spider-Man’s. In the future, the Sinister Six team-up could build up Andrew Garfield’s comeback in the Amazing Spider-Man universe. Alternatively, a fight with Holland’s Spider-Man may be the climax here.

Both Sony and Marvel may be hedging their bets for the time being, given the rocky past between the two companies. There were rumors that Holland’s Spider-Man might leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) soon. No Way Home could have been a very different film if it had no connection to the MCU. Since Holland hasn’t renewed his contract with Marvel, there’s no certainty that Spider-Man 4 will appear in the MCU shortly. Sony’s long-term ambitions for the Morbius franchise may also be affected by Morbius’ box office results. Is Venom the only Spider-Man character that the studio has an established track record with?

We may finally receive Sony’s promised Sinister Six movie. However, no one can tell with certainty what the movie will be about or how it will tie into the MCU at this time.

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