Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Where To Find Fish And How To Catch Them

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, each fish has a specific location and rod need.

Even with the introduction of fishing in Chapter 2, fishing has remained an integral aspect of Fortnite’s battle royale gameplay. Fortnite players keep track of all the fish they capture in the game with a fishing collection. A fish is added to a player’s collection when they catch it, and the location where it can be caught is also shown on the map. Each fish will be given a rating of one, two, or three stars based on its highest weight. Many of the fish in Fortnite is difficult to catch for players who wish to complete their collection. Players may see blacked-out boxes in the fishing collection. These boxes can only be filled by catching the unique species of fish that live there.

The location of every accessible fish in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 is essential for players who want to try and get three stars on every fish or simply complete their fishing collection. To catch the scaly creatures, players will need to utilize the rods listed below.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Where To Find Fish And How To Catch Them

Every fish in Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite can be found

At the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, there are 28 fish to capture. Players should bear in mind that Epic Games will be introducing new fish to the game regularly, so this number may change by the time they play on April 18, 2022. Season 2 of Fortnite will almost certainly see an increase in the number of fish from the current 28.

To begin with, we’ll go through the locations of the 28 fish that are now visible on the map.

  1. Orange, Green, Blue Flopper: It’s easy to catch Floppers with any type of fishing rod because they’re the most prevalent type of fish in Fortnite and can be found in any fishing hole.
  2. Black and Blue Shield Fish: Shield Fish, the Black and Blue variety, can be caught with any sort of fishing rod everywhere in the world.
  3. Black Striped Shield Fish: There are just a few of these to be found in Fortnite, and they may be found in any fishing spot around the coast. Just east of Sanctuary is a well-known fishing spot along the coast. Fishing for the Black Striped Shield Fish can be done with any type of fishing rod.
  4. Pink Shield Fish: A Pro Fishing Rod is required to reel in the Pink Shield Fish, which can be found anywhere on the map.
  5. Green Shield Fish: It is only possible to catch the Green Shield Fish in the woodland sections of Fortnite because of its hue. Fishing holes in areas with dense tree cover are often considered to be in this category. It’s possible to fish below the trees at The Joneses, despite the lack of forests on the map in Chapter 2. To catch this fish, players can use any type of rod.
  6. Light Blue Shield Fish: The Light Blue Shield Fish completes the Shield Fish family, and can be caught with any rod anywhere on the map.
  7. Blue Slurpfish: Blue Slurpfish is the most common and easiest Slurpfish to catch, as it can be caught with any rod in the player’s inventory.
  8. Yellow Slurpfish: Only in Fortnite’s swamps can you capture the next Slurpfish. To their advantage, gamers can utilize any rod they possess.
  9. Purple Slurpfish: In Fortnite, the Purple Slurpfish can only be found in the mountains. The mountains of Misty Meadows, Retail Row, and Lazy Lake have numerous fishing spots. Again, a specialized rod isn’t necessary.
  10. Black and Blue Slurpfish: This Slurpfish, which is not to be confused with the Shield Fish, can only be captured at night along the coast. During the night, players can return to Sanctuary. The Slurpfish can be caught with any type of fishing rod.
  11. White Slurpfish: A Pro Fishing Rod is required to land the rare White Slurpfish. Additionally, it can only be found at night in swampy locations…
  12. Light Blue, Tan, Purple Top Small Fry: There are three Small Fry fish that may be caught everywhere on the Fortnite map It is possible to catch them even if you don’t have access to fishing holes. As a result, players are required to utilize any type of fishing pole in water that isn’t bubbling.
  13. Black Small Fry: The Small Fry can be captured anywhere on the map, but only at night. Any rod will do, as long as it’s long enough.
  14. Blue Small Fry: The Blue Small Fry is a fish that can only be found along the coast. Players must bring their normal or Pro fishing rod to Sweaty Sands, Sanctuary, and any other beach.
  15. Slurp Jellyfish: Jellyfish can be caught anywhere on the map using any fishing rod, and the first jellyfish is the most accessible.
  16. Dark Vanguard Jellyfish: The Dark Vanguard Jellyfish is one of the game’s most elusive fish. It can be caught with any type of fishing rod, but only at night.
  17. Cuddle Jellyfish: The swamps are home to one of Fortnite’s most endearing fish species, the Swampy. Cuddle Jellyfish can be caught with any rod.
  18. Peely Jellyfish: A Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch the Peely Jellyfish in Fortnite’s mountainous regions.
  19. Purple Jellyfish: Finally, there is the Purple Jellyfish, found only in coastal locations, although it does not require a Pro Fishing Rod.
  20. Purple and Orange Thermal Fish: The Joneses POI features a higher population of the Purple and Orange variant, which may be captured anywhere on the map. It doesn’t matter what sort of rod you use.
  21. Raven Thermal Fish: Thermal Fish can only be caught with a Pro Fishing Rod. To catch it, gamers must travel to a coastal area.
  22. Green Thermal Fish: In the south ponds of The Joneses POI, the Green Thermal Fish have a specific location on the map. Players are free to bring any type of fishing rod to this spot.
  23. Red and Green Thermal Fish: The Red and Green Thermal Fish, like the Green Thermal Fish, can be caught with a standard fishing rod in ponds south of The Joneses.
  24. Silver Thermal Fish: To capture the Silver Thermal Fish, the final fish in Fortnite, you’ll need a Pro Fishing Rod. Thermal Fish can be found in the desert, therefore players should keep an eye out for them there.

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Those are all of the fish that can be found in Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite. Fish that do require a Pro Fishing Rod or a specialized area can be difficult to catch; however, this is not true for the majority of fish. To capture a certain fish, players can only refer to the list above, find the correct area with the correct rod, and keep trying.

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