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Max Todd net worth has been raising eyebrows after he made appearances frequently in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Vanderpump Rules”. Lisa Vanderpump is a famous reality star and entrepreneur and her son Max got the limelight in some of the episodes. With so much fortune and business, Max Todd net worth has always caught the attention of the audience. Max Todd’s net worth is also a result of his own hard work as we see in the show. Today, we will focus on Max Todd net worth, her early life, and more details.

Max Todd Early Life

Max Todd was born on 7th December 1991 in London. But Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd aren’t his biological parents. The couple adopted Max when he was only six weeks old and loves him with all their heart. In fact, Lisa has often worried that Max might find his parents and leave them. Max Todd’s net worth basically comes from his parents as he will inherit a lot of fortune in the future. He has a sibling, Pandora who is their biological daughter. On the other hand, Max and Pandora also have a half-brother, Warren Todd who is the child of Ken’s first marriage. 

Todd studied in the Beverly Hills schools for years. But he was quite the troublemaker as he got caught smoking and missing classes several times. This forced his parents to take the decision of sending him to Idaho. When he completed graduation, he showed interest in music and enrolled himself in the Musicians Institute in California. He is an inborn talent and his knack for music was explored at quite a young age.  

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Max Todd’s Famous Parents

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd were the original cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. The couple introduced their adoptive son to the world through the show. Ken and Lisa married in 1982 after getting engaged within three weeks of meeting each other. Ken is a British-American business and Lisa joined her later to expand the connections. Lisa is also an actress, entrepreneur, and reality star. They own several fine-dining restaurants and bars and Max is also a part of them. In spite of Max Todd net worth, her parents always motivated him to follow a humble life.

Max Todd's Parents
Max Todd’s Parents 

Max Todd’s Career

Max is, of course, going to operate the multiple businesses and restaurants of his parents in the future. However, Lisa didn’t make it easy for Max Todd net worth to expand. In the reality shows, the audiences have seen Max being a regular working staff in one of his mother’s restaurants. In January 2013, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ premiered and it was quite a hit show. Max was often seen in this show and he established himself as a reality star. Max used to earn for being a part of this show. 

Max Todd’s Age, Height & Weight

Todd is 31 years old but information regarding his height and weight is not available.

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Max Todd’s Personal Life 

Though Max Todd net worth is higher than many other eligible bachelors, Max is quite private about his personal life. In the season 7 reunion of the popular show ‘Vanderpump Rules’, one of his relationships was made public. Todd used to date Billie Lee, a hostess for the restaurant SUR. However, it was nothing serious and was a casual hook-up. Max Todd was also dating Trista Mikail who is a model. Currently, he is dating no one.

Max Todd Net Worth

Max Todd’ net worth is standing at $2 million. He still works in his mother’s restaurant SUR which is located in a posh locality of Beverly hills. Though Max Todd’s net worth is still in the process of increasing, his parents have a huge net worth of $90 million. In the future, he is expected to earn more and get a bigger responsibility that will multiply Max Todd’s net worth. 

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