Johnny Depp Gets a Fresh New Look in Paris for a New Movie

A new photo of Johnny Depp shows him wearing a fresh new appearance or look following his first film job in two years. In addition to shaving off his distinctive goatee, the 59-year-old actor donned braided hair, a fringed suede jacket, aviator sunglasses, and a brown fedora on his way to a private plane.

Maiwenn Le Besco, a French actress, and filmmaker has cast him as King Louis XV in her new film, Jeanne du Barry. Heard won her defamation case against him in a high-profile trial in Fairfax, Virginia, and this will be Depp’s first picture since then. Depp was granted $US10 million in damages, but he had already left the United States to fly to the UK to perform with Jeff Beck.

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Johnny Depp’s New Look

With his typical long hair and disheveled rock style, Depp was spotted in numerous locales around the UK in the weeks immediately following the trial. As recently as two weeks ago (in Helsinki, Finland), the singer had completely shaven off his beard.

However, Depp’s boho rock and roll style is still very much in existence, with a printed scarf thrown around an otherwise traditional briefcase to spice things up. Apparently, Depp and the Pirates of the Caribbean producers are in talks to bring him back for another adventure. As much as $US300 million is being touted as a possible payoff for Depp, should he agree to the deal.

Johnny Depp Gets a Fresh New Look in Paris
Johnny Depp Gets a Fresh New Look in Paris

His lawyers in the US defamation trial alleged that a Washington Post piece written by Heard, inferring that he was a domestic abuser, had cost him lucrative career roles (including a potential sixth Pirates picture which would have made him $US22 million) and tarnished his reputation.

Johnny Depp has starred in five Pirates films, most recently Dead Men Tell No Tales, over the course of 15 years. Personal style and the look of Jack Sparrow were inextricably linked and fans went crazy for his varied and daring fashion sense. However, it appears that the new clean-shaven style is also popular with fans. The Depp cult went into overdrive after fresh photos emerged showing the actor without his trademark mustache and goatee.

“He still looks handsome and cute whether he has pirate Jack Sparrow facial hair or not,” one person wrote.

“I still love his pirate Jack Sparrow facial hair (but) I wouldn’t get upset if he shaved it off.”

“Support for Johnny Depp with a clean shave. Support for Johnny Depp with facial hair. Support for Johnny Depp doing what he wants to do above all else” wrote another fan.

In addition to film assignments, the actor is pursuing other projects. They’ll release an album together, entitled 18, on July 15, and it’s just been confirmed. Hollywood Vampires, a rock “supergroup” that features Alice Cooper, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, and Tommy Henriksen from the metal band Warlock, is scheduled to tour next year. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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