NELK Boys Net Worth: How Did They Make Their Money?

The NELK Boys are popular from their YouTube channel under the name “NELK” which has become well known over the years.  In this article, we will cover the net worth of NELK Boys and many other things about them. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

NELK Boys’ Net Worth

There is no doubt that NELK boys have earned a good fortune from their creative efforts. The NELK Boys gained attention on YouTube with their videos that majorly focus on pranks and their fans loved to watch them. According to several estimates, the combined net worth of NELK boys is said to be around $4 million have a look at their individual net worths:

  • Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Nearly $1.5 million
  • Jesse Sebastiani Net Worth: $1.5 million (approximately)
  • SteveWillDoIt Net Worth: Around $2.55 million
  • SalimTheDream Net Worth: Around $800 thousand.

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How Did NELK Boys Build Their Net Worth?

nelk boys net worth
nelk boys net worth

NELK Boys have been very vocal about earning nearly no money from their YouTube videos as a number of their videos have been demonetized by YouTube due to some reasons. Now they earn the majority of their money from their brand.

Their main source of earnings includes Sponsorships, Full Send merch, and Happy Dad hard seltzer.

NELK Boys Sponsorships

Though NELK does not earn enough from YouTube, they do make ample sponsored videos with the likes of Robert and Wizz. These companies have helped NELK boys earn a significant part of their net worth.

NELK Boys Full Send Merch

NELK Boys earned a lot of money from their Full Send merch, with regular drops selling out just within minutes. This has helped NELK boys build their net worth.

Full Send Happy Dad seltzer

The NELK Boys’ Kyle and Steve launched their new hard seltzer, Happy Dad officially in 2021. It’s slowly becoming available across the United States.

All NELK Members & Friends

NELK has grown quickly, and have a look at their main people:

  • Kyle Forgeard: Kyle co-founded NELK and is one of their main faces in videos.
  • Jesse Sebastiani: Jesse joined NELK soon after its creation, having appeared on the MTV show Careless Teens prior. He has stopped featuring in NELK videos so that he can focus more on the Full Send brand, though he still appears sometimes.
  • SteveWillDoIt: Steve Deleonardis has become a face of the NELK brand who shows his wild party animal side with some crazy stories.
  • Salim: Salim the Dream is also one of the newer members of NELK.

Other members are Cousin Jay, Lucas Gasparini, Bob Menery, Jimmy Gambles, and Bradley Martyn.

NELK YouTube Channels

The NELK Boys have several other YouTube channels as well. Here’s the detail below:

    • NELK: 7.41 million subscribers
    • Full Send: Around 781 thousand subscribers
    • Full Send podcast: 857 thousand subscribers
    • Full Send podcast clips: 38.9 thousand subscribers
    • SteveWillDoIt: 4 million subscribers

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NELK Boys controversies & legal issues

  • NELK uploaded a video titled “Coke prank on cops,” in 2015 which is one of their first viral videos. After a few months, the LAPD suggested against imitating it, calling it unlawful.
  • Jesse was detained for a prank in January 2019 in which he asked people in a Barnes & Noble to cover for him for a crime.
  • Kyle, Steve, and Salim were detained in May 2020 for a prank shot in Target, alleged to “disturbing the peace.”
  • In September 2020, the police department in Normal, Illinois called an investigation into Nelk after they hosted a flash mob of nearly two hundred people on-campus at Illinois State University.
  • In March 2021, NELK wasn’t able to share a video because of recommendations from their lawyer related to an arrest warrant filed against Kyle in Texas. In the same month, CBS also reported that NELK was liable for several physical assaults at a group meet in Fort Worth, Texas on March 15.

NELK boys have built their net worth from multiple sources. Stay tuned to our website to get all the latest information, Lee Daily.

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