US To Buy 3.2 Million Doses Of Novavax’s Covid-19 Vaccine

On Monday, the administration of Vice President Joe Biden made the announcement that it will purchase 3.2 million doses of a vaccine called Covid-19 from the Maryland pharmaceutical company Novavax. This vaccine is anticipated to gain permission in the United States in the near future.

In the event that it is given the green light by the relevant authorities, Novavax’s two-dose vaccination will become the fourth coronavirus vaccine that may be purchased in the United States.

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In the beginning, it would be made available to adults as part of the main immunization series. After obtaining that first permission, the Food and Drug Administration might subsequently permit the vaccine to be administered as a booster dose.

US To Buy 3.2 Million Doses Of Novavax's Covid-19 Vaccine
US To Buy 3.2 Million Doses Of Novavax’s Covid-19 Vaccine

The company has high hopes that its protein-based shot, which is based on a vaccine technology that has been utilized extensively for decades, will pique the interest of individuals in the United States who have chosen not to be vaccinated with shots that are based on the messenger RNA vaccine technology.

In the United States, around two-thirds of the population has received all of their vaccinations. The price that the federal government intended to pay for the order was not immediately made public.

The government’s order for Novavax’s product, which was part of the Operation Warp Speed portfolio of six vaccine candidates selected for billions of dollars in federal financing, fell significantly short of the original plans that the government had for the product.

The vaccine manufactured by Novavax was pre-ordered by the Trump administration in the amount of 110 million doses for delivery in 2020. However, due to a string of setbacks, the vaccine was not accessible a year ago when the United States was in critical need of massive amounts of vaccine doses. These setbacks were mostly the result of Novavax’s ongoing difficulties with production.

Expert consultants to the FDA sent their recommendation to the agency’s regulators a month ago, recommending that they provide the injection to Novavax. However, the FDA’s discussions over Novavax have required far more time than those for the other coronavirus vaccines.

This is due to the fact that the business still needed to establish that its production method is in compliance with FDA guidelines. According to a statement made by the government on Monday, Novavax is anticipated to conclude its quality testing “in the next few weeks,” which is a necessary step prior to the product being made available for purchase.

Now, the injection that Novavax offers is being produced by the Serum Institute of India, which is the largest vaccine maker in the world. According to the data kept by the Indian government for the Covid-19 vaccine export program, India most recently shipped 3.2 million doses of the Novavax vaccine to the United States.

During the course of clinical testing, Novavax’s vaccine was shown to be quite successful in warding against serious infections and diseases. However, those tests were performed before the omicron type became prevalent, which raises issues regarding how effective it will be now.

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In addition, clinical tests demonstrated that Novavax’s injection is effective as a booster, and it is anticipated that the firm will shortly seek authorization for it to be used in this capacity.

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