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Yeardley Smith has been in the Hollywood industry for the longest period as a comedian, painter, writer, artist, voice actress, and most importantly, actress. She is a French-born actress who has dominated the industry with her talent. Yeardley Smith’s net worth naturally came to her as she was gifted. Her ultimate goal to have an identity that cannot be replaced has been fulfilled and, in the process, Yeardley Smith’s net worth eventually grew.

You may know her from her iconic role of Lisa Simpson, whom she voiced in the cult classic series, “The Simpsons”. It has been decades and Yeardley Smith’s net worth, fame, and status in the industry are still the same. So, know everything related to Lisa’s life and how she built an empire.

Yeardley Smith’s Early Life

Yeardley Smith is originally from France as she was born on 3rd July 1964 in Paris. Smith’s father was a professional at United Press International and his mother worked as a paper conservator for the famous Freer and Sackler Galleries at the Smithsonian Institution.

yeardley smith
yeardley smith

It was hard for Yeardley Smith’s net worth and her childhood when her parents were officially divorced. Yeardley already struggled with bullying as her voice wasn’t a usual one. In one of her interviews, Yeardley stated that her voice at that time was quite similar to that when she was only six years old. The only difference is that it got a bit deeper. However, it was her voice that brought Yeardley Smith’s net worth and success.

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Yeardley Smith’s Career

Being a shy and introverted kid, she entered the world of acting by playing the role of Tinkerbell in “Peter Pan’s” musical adaptation. The show was arranged at a nearby theater. To stay on the right track of building Yeardley Smith’s net worth, she was an apprentice at the iconic Arena Stage.

When Yeardley was done with her high school, she soon shifted to New York. For months, Smith studied Debbie, the character from Tom Stoppard’s Broadway, “The Real Thing”. After months of practice, Yeardley finally nailed it and eight months later, she got the part of Debbie and excelled at it.

Eventually, Smith started getting offers in films and acted in “Heaven Help Us” (1985), and “The Legend of Billie Jean” (1985). To give Yeardley Smith’s net worth and her career a chance to succeed, she relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1986.

There, she landed many stage works. Some of the most notable inclusions are “Boys and Girls/Men and Women” (1987), and “How the Other Half Loves” (1988). One of her highly recognized works was her recurring role in the revolutionary gay comedy, “Brothers” (1984).

But Yeardley Smith’s net worth was about to beat her expectations when she was selected for voicing the character of “Lisa Simpson,” in one of the greatest animated series ever, “The Simpsons”.

The lesser known fact is that the character of Lisa Simpson was originally introduced in the series, “The Tracey Ullman Show” (1987) and after two years, “The Simpsons” became an independent show in 1989. It has been a good 20 years and the show is still one of the favorites. She also won Primetime Grammys for “The Simpsons”.

Apart from her Yeardley Smith’s net worth that went high up due to “Simpsons”, she was in other shows as well. Some were guest appearances and some were major roles.

These are “Mama’s Family” (1983), “Murphy Brown” (1988), “Dharma & Greg” (1997), “Empty Nest” (1988), and “Herman’s Head” (1991). Yeardley was also a supporting character in “City Slickers” (1991), “Jingle All the Way” (1996), and “As Good as It Gets” (1997). Smith’s one-woman autobiographical show that was based on her own life was titled “More in New York City” and she was widely acknowledged for that. 

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Yeardley Smith’s Personal Life

Yeardley has been married a few times. In 1990, she married Christopher Grover and divorced him in just two years, that is in 1992. After that, she tied the knot with Daniel Erickson but even that ended up in divorce in 2008. Recently, Yeardley married Former Detective Dan Grice and they are happy with each other. 

Most of Yeardley Smith’s net worth is also directed towards charities like American Foundation for Equal Rights and Human Rights Campaign.

Yeardley Smith’s Net Worth & Salary

Currently, Yeardley Smith’s net worth is $85 million. Most of her income comes from the lucrative deal with her show, “The Simpsons”. She gets a salary of $300 thousand per episode which sums up to $7 million every season.

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