Jojo Siwa Calls Candace Cameron Bure ‘The Rudest Celebrity’

The “rudest celebrity” JoJo Siwa has ever met was revealed during a viral TikTok trend over the weekend. The dancer, singer, and YouTube star named Full House star Candace Cameron Bure the rudest Hollywood star she’s met. As for Siwa’s favorite celebrities, Miley Cyrus and Elton John were named the sweetest and coolest, respectively.

Neither Siwa (or her previous comments) nor Bure (or the two have starred together) provided additional context. Although they appeared in different seasons of Dancing With the Stars, Siwa and Bure have both participated in the show. Siwa was also present for the 2016 debut of Fuller House, the spinoff from Full House.

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The “celebrity that did me dirty,” as Siwa put it, was SpongeBob SquarePants, whom he called out near the end of the TikTok video. As SpongeBob’s home network, Nickelodeon, has had a tumultuous history with the star, the reaction appears to be a reference to that. Following her announcement in January of that year, Siwa complained to Nickelodeon about the network’s stance on her performing songs from her film The J Team on tour in September of that year.

“I go on tour in January,” Siwa said at the time. “My movie musical was just released (with 6 new original songs)… Nickelodeon told me today that I’m not allowed to perform/add any of the songs from the film into my show. These are MY songs, MY voice, MY writing. Does this seem fair??? There is no reason that this music should not be included. Working for a company as a real human being treated as only a brand is fun until it’s not.”

In April, Siwa — who had been nominated for Favorite Social Media Star at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards — said she had been excluded from attending. “A lot of you have been asking me why I’m not at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards tonight, and the answer is very simple — I wasn’t invited,” Jojo Siwa said so in a short video. “I’m not sure why, but I just didn’t get an invite. I don’t want anyone to think it was my choice not to go.”

A source told Variety it “was an honest error,” noting “a greatly reduced audience size due to COVID protocols.” Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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