Amber Heard ‘Lying Her Whole Life’ Therapist Comes Out!

Angelica, a Professional psychotherapist has just remarked on Amber Heard’s supposed narcissism and blamed her lying all her life until this point. This claim was issued by her through her YouTube channel that she runs under the name “Rise Beyond Abuse.” While addressing the public behavior of Amber Heard said, “What I have seen throughout this trial are the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. I agree with the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.”

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She further added “Right here, she says she will stand by her testimony until she dies. Of course, the thing with narcissists is that they lie. What is the motto of the narcissist? Lie till you die.” “It has been her way of life since a very early age. One of her defense mechanisms is to lie. She became what she has become because of emotional and physical abuse,” Angelica continued.

Prior to ending, she went to say, “Lying is second nature for her, it is a way of life. This whole trial has been one big lie on her part. Many of us, real survivors of domestic violence agree to that.”

Final Words

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