Ink Master Season 14 Gets Premiere Date For Paramount Plus, New Judges

After waiting for ages, Paramount Plus has finally got news for Ink Master season 14. And guess what, there are brand new changes that you wouldn’t have thought about. Post the controversial ending of the last season of Ink Master in 2020, there were bound to be changed in Ink Master season 14. The sudden departure of Oliver Peck along with the Covid-10 pandemic hitting hard on the show, Ink Master season 13 ended much before. As a matter of fact, the final three participants didn’t get paid enough, got a small amount and no one ended up winning the cash prize. On the other hand, no one even won the title and that messed things up.

After this fiasco in 2020, the viewers thought that there will be no Ink Master season 14 as the show might be canceled officially. But proving all the claims wrong, Ink Master season 14 is coming back. Yes, you heard it right and there is more news that we got to share with you.

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When Will Ink Master Season 14 Be Released And Where Will It Stream?

Paramount Plus has taken the charge and promised to bring back Ink Master season 14 this year. The premiere date of Ink Master season 14 is out and fans are losing their minds as the show will have a comeback after over a year. Of course, Paramount Plus will be streaming the show and the date isn’t that far away. On 5th August, the streamer announced it. Ink Master season 14 will be airing on 7th September 2022 and so, fans can begin their countdown. 

New Judges Will Be Seen

Ink Master season 14 will be bringing in some new judges this time. The biggest highlight of Ink Master season 14 is that Joel Madden, the popular lead vocalist of the pop/punk band Good Charlotte who even founded many music companies namely Veeps and MDDN will be seen as an emcee. Apart from him, Ryan Ashley, the former winner of Ink Master known for her fine black and gray beadwork along with lace and ornamental jewel designs is going to be a judge. She will be joined by the colored portrait specialist, Nikko Hurtado along with Ami James of “Miami Ink”. So, Ink Master season 14 will be quite the season. 

Will Dave Navarro Return?

Yes, Dave Navarro will be frequenting the Ink Master season 14. However, this time he isn’t going to be hosting but will be the Master of Chaos. Dave will be bringing brand new twists and game-changing bombs that will make the competition even harder. Though we do not know yet if Chris Nunez will be seen in Ink Master season 14, the concept of Dave changing the fate of the game is quite interesting.

Also, the gimmicks can be different compared to the last seasons. The is expected to have unknown twists and turns that can totally make the challengers fear to secure their position in the game. Until now, we do not have the entire list of challengers but it is going to be fierce and totally interesting compared to the last season.

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More Details About Ink Master season 14

To start with, Ink Master season 14 had cut down on the number of episodes. Let us leave Ink Master season 13 aside and rewind back to the 12th season of the show. Back in Ink Master season 12, the series had around 16 episodes. But it won’t be the same with Ink Master season 14. The Ink Master season 14 will have 10 episodes and you can binge-watch it starting that day. Also, for the winning amount, they are not only bringing the coveted title back but also giving out a huge cash prize.

ink master season 14
ink master season 14

The contestants have nothing to fear about winning the cash prize as the team is sure that nothing like season 13 will be repeated. Like the other successful seasons, a cash prize will be given. So, the winner of Ink Master season 14 will get $250,000 and the title of the winner.

The news of Ink Master season 14 renewal is creating the buzz it is expected to create and we are certain that it will be a hit. So, are you thrilled about it?

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