Amber Heard Reportedly In Talks For A Multimillion-Dollar Adult Film Deal

Two months have passed since Amber Heard’s legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp ended in a loss, and while it’s unclear what the contentious Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star will do next, the prevailing consensus at the moment is that her Hollywood career is on the verge of collapse.

Though it appears that a different company is interested in hiring Amber, the work would be very different from what she is used to do in Hollywood. According to a recent article from the Australian publication Poptopic, the Mera actress, who might be making her final DC cameo in Aquaman 2, is a target for the adult film industry.

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Zen Models, an adult modeling agency, reportedly offered to pay the actress’ obligations to Depp in full if she agreed to play the lead in an X-rated movie. Amber’s team apparently learned about the alleged multi-million dollar contract after Elaine Bredehoft, her attorney, received an email from the agency.

The veracity of the allegation has not yet been established, but it is important to note that various reports have indicated that the actress’s financial situation is precarious as a result of her defamation trial defeat. Amber signed a multi-million dollar agreement to write a tell-all book, which was also covered by us last month. I assume she’s prepared to go to any lengths to avoid further financial hardship.

Kevin Smith Responds to the Cancellation of Batgirl

The cancellation of the Batgirl movie by Warner Bros. is described by Kevin Smith as “an enormously awful look.” Everyone who had been looking forward to the release of Batgirl was shocked to learn that it had been canceled. Actor and director Kevin Smith criticizes Warner Bros. for their decision to ax Leslie Grace’s picture, saying, “It’s an extraordinarily awful look to cancel the Latina Batgirl movie.”

In his most recent episode of the Hollywood Babble-On series, Kevin Smith didn’t slam the breaks, despite the fact that he disagreed with Warner Bros.’ decision to kill Batgirl and suggested that the studio should have axed The Flash in its place.

Warner Bros.’ decision to cancel Batgirl has Kevin Smith absolutely baffled, saying, “It’s a really poor look to cancel the Latina Batgirl movie.” I don’t care if the film was utter dog shit; I promise you that it wasn’t.

The movie’s directors were acknowledged by Kevin Smith, who said, “The two directors that directed that movie did a few episodes of Ms. Marvel, and it was a beautiful f***ing show. They had more money to do Batgirl than they had to do an episode of Ms. Marvel and things.”

Contrary to The Flash, no one involved in the production of Batgirl, according to Smith, “has been particularly difficult or had anything in their actual life that you have to sell around. However, everyone is aware that The Flash has a serious problem.

Amber Heard, the Aquaman Star, is Reportedly in Talks to Do an Adult Film for a Multi-million Dollar Deal
Amber Heard, the Aquaman Star, is Reportedly in Talks to Do an Adult Film for a Multi-million Dollar Deal

Batgirl was abruptly canceled by Warner Bros., despite the fact that the movie was nearly complete given that it was already in the post-production phase. Leslie Grace never even had the opportunity to appear on screen as Barbara Gordon.

Leslie Grace’s involvement as Batgirl in future DC films produced by Warner Bros. is still out in the air, although Michael Keaton, who played Batman/Bruce Wayne in the canceled picture, is still slated to return in the next Ezra Miller-led The Flash movie.

As a result of the revelation that The Flash will keep air despite issues with its lead actor, Ezra Miller, who has been at the center of numerous allegations and accusations, fans have continued to bomb the show.

Using the hashtags #SaveTheBatgirlMovie and #ReleaseTheBatgirlMovie, Batgirl fans tried to persuade Warner Bros. to release the movie. But Warner Bros. ignores the warning and continues with its course of action.

At HBO Max, The New Constantine Reboot Is Supposedly Moving Forward

Constantine’s HBO Max revival appears to be off the table for the time being. New information shows that despite the termination of Batgirl, the J.J Abrams television series is not being shelved by Warner Bros. While Batgirl was nearly finished, Warner Bros. decided to abandon the project earlier this month.

Fans were alarmed to learn that the Leslie Grace movie will no longer be available on HBO Max or in theatres, and they feared for the future of other DC streaming initiatives. Many people were worried about the forthcoming Constantine series, which is anticipated to include Matt Ryan as John Constantine.

Does this mean that a Constantine relaunch is still on the table? According to Deadline, the project will not be canceled. There are many Constantine fans who are excited to hear this news. As of yet, it isn’t clear when the initiative will begin to produce.

In recent years, the Sandman has introduced a new form of himself. During the Netflix series, Jenna Coleman portrayed Joanna Constantine, who appeared in two of the episodes. Exorcist fans have been yearning for a spin-off series, and Neil Gaiman is on board with the concept.

It’s too early to say when the Constantine reboot will go into production or when it will be released. Watch this space for further information.


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