Naftali Bennett’s Net Worth: How Rich Is The Israeli Businessman?

A top successful Israeli businessman, Naftali Bennett has made a name for himself as a politician as well. Naftali Bennett’s net worth has evolved over the years since he first started his career. He had been very smart with his investments which makes Naftali Bennett’s net worth such a huge figure. Currently, Naftali has become a prominent figure who holds a lot of power. But how did Naftali Bennett’s net worth start and what did do to attain this milestone in 2022?

Naftali Bennett’s Early Life

On 25th March 1972, Naftali Bennett was born in Haifa, Israel. His parents are Americans who came to California from Israel in 1967 and settled there. As a matter of fact, his maternal grandparents shifted to California from Poland back in 1920. By the age of four, his family moved to Montreal to stay there for two years due to his father’s work. But later they went back to Haifa and then to New Jersey all because of his father’s work. Finally, they settled in Haifa when Bennett was only ten years old.

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett

After reaching a certain age, he was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in the year 1990. He was appointed as the company commander and still has that respectable status. Naftali also completed his law degree soon after completing his studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Naftali Bennett’s Career


After fulfilling his duties and attaining his degrees, it was time for Naftali to launch his business career and shape Naftali Bennett’s net worth. He brainstormed different ideas and worked toward his goal. In 1999, he started “Cyota,” an anti-fraud software company that he co-founded.

It changed the way the internet functioned and secured the online space to a great level. His vision made the internet a place that everyone can trust. Naftali was the CEO of the company for many years and took care of the entire company’s acquisition by RSA Security. It was finally sold for $145 million and that did make a further impact on Naftali Bennett’s net worth.

However, he didn’t stop here. The next move for Naftali Bennett’s net worth was to become the CEO of a cloud support company named Soluto. Soon after he took charge, he signed a good deal with Asurion and sold Soluto to the business giant for $130 million. He has changed the way people have been doing business and that is how Naftali Bennett’s net worth became so strong.


Naftali began his political career in 2006. His powerful image was created soon enough and Bennet soon got elected to Israel’s version of Congress, the Knesset. He had to give up on his US citizenship to stand in the election and then again got re-elected in 2015. Naftali Bennett’s net worth, his previous experience in the army, and his powerful status made him the perfect fit for Defense Minister. So, in 2018, he was elected as the Defense Minister.

But in May 2021, Bennett along with Yair Lapid declared to form a new Israeli government. Their main aim was to displace Benjamin Netanyahu from the position that he has been holding for a long time. Soon on 30th May, Bennett became the Prime Minister of Israel and he will serve the position until 2023 before Lapid claims his position .

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Naftali Bennett’s Personal Life

Naftali Bennett’s net worth is as flourishing as his personal life. Naftali and his wife may have differences of opinions but they are still very much in love with each other. Gilat is the wife of Naftali and she is a pastry chef by profession. The couple are the lucky parents of four beautiful children. However, Naftali is religiously secular whereas Bennet firmly practices Modern Orthodox Judaism.

Naftali Bennett Personal Life
Naftali Bennett Personal Life

Naftali Bennett’s Net Worth

Bennett has a fortune that he had created for himself. As of 2022, Naftali Bennett’s net worth is $10 million and it is believed that he had earned the majority amount from his previous professional career. Naftali Bennett’s net worth also comes from his real estate but the details regarding this are still not available to the public. Hopefully, you will be getting the entire update in the near future.

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