Watch The Black Phone 2022: Here’s How You Can Watch The Horror Movie Online At Home

The horror movie of the year that will send chills down your spine is one of the scariest movies you will ever see. Naturally, fans are interested to watch the movie, “The Black Phone”. The captivating storyline and the incredible acting have kept the fans hooked to know everything about this film. It has become a benchmark for upcoming horror films and there is more to the story. So, where to watch the film “The Black Phone”? Is it available to watch for free? We have the answers you have been wanting.

When Did “The Black Phone” Release?

It has been a few months since the film hit the theaters. “The Black Phone” was released in all the prestigious theaters on 24th June 2022, however, it premiered at the Fantastic Fest back on 25th September 2021. So, after such a huge gap between premiere and release date, the film still has maintained the craze amongst fans.

What Is The Story of “The Black Phone?”

The film features Ethan Hawke who is named The Grabber and is a child kidnapper as well as a serial killer. Finney played by Mason Thames gets abducted by the infamous Grabber but luckily, he finds a phone that will help to communicate with the previous victims of this heinous crime. Moreover, it was around the same time that Finney’s sister start having unusual psychic dreams that hinted at his brother’s abduction. 

Contrary to all the popular beliefs, the story is actually not based on any kind of true or real-life story. This is actually a short story that has been originally written by author Joe Hill. Joe is a celebrated writer of the horror film maestro, Stephen King. The talented director, Scott Derrickson who directed “Sinister” and “Doctor Strange” collaborated with Blumhouse Productions known for their horror films like “The Purge” and “Get Out”.

The movie got huge ratings and Ethan Hawke totally stole the show. As of now, critics and audiences loved the overall concept of the movie and fans are eager to watch it online.

Where To Watch “The Black Phone” online?

Good news for the viewers, “The Black Phone” is now available at a top online streaming platform for everyone to feel the horror of the film. Stream the movie in Peacock as it has been added to the OTT platform’s streaming library. However, the user needs to have Peacock Premium and Premium Plus membership. Well, anyone who is thinking about watching it for free, Peacock’s free service will not allow you to watch the movie. 

Watch The Black Phone 2022
Watch The Black Phone 2022

So, for a cheaper subscription plan that will let you watch “The Black Phone,” you can take the $ 5-a-month subscription of Peacock Premium. The only drawback is that it will consist of multiple ads. 

But, in case, you want an ad-free streaming service, you can opt for the Peacock Premium Plus subscription. It will cost only $10 every month.

On Which Other Streaming Platforms Can You Watch “The Black Phone”?

Don’t want to have a subscription to Peacock just for watching “The Black Phone”? You do have multiple different options for that. By giving a one-time fee of only $20, you can watch “The Black Phone” on streaming retailers such as Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and even YouTube. As a matter of fact, you can tune it in high-quality, at 4k as well. So, no need to take unnecessary subscription plans if you aren’t interested to continue for a long period.

Where Can You Watch “The Black Phone” For Free?

Currently, “The Black Phone” is not streaming anywhere for free. You do need to pay at least a minimal fee to watch it. On the other hand, if you want to stream it at a lower cost compared to the recent plans, then wait until 6th September. The film is rumored to be available for rent at only $7. As a matter of fact, multiple streaming platforms nowadays offer streaming options so you will surely get something of your choice.

We have sorted all the given options below options and now, you need to pick the right one according to your budget and requirement. So which plan did you plan to opt for?

Now You can watch “The Black Phone” Online For Free. Stay tuned for more such updates on, Lee Daily.

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