Is Graham Norton Gay? Know About The S*xual Orientation of The Talk Show Host

Regarding popular talk shows worldwide, the Graham Norton talk show is undoubtedly one of the more popular and celebrated shows. Graham Norton invites some A-lister celebrities to his show and spices things up in so many different ways. As a matter of fact, this adds to the overall flavor and fun of the show. From celebrity guests to hilarious stories and events, The Graham Norton Show is a power-packed presentation full of giggles, jokes, and a good time for everyone who watches. The Graham Norton Show started back on 22nd February 2007 on BBC TWO before transitioning to BBC One in 2009. To date, there have been more than 450 episodes of this incredible show spread over 29 seasons.

Is Graham Norton Gay? Secret Revealed

Though Graham Norton is one of the most popular talk show presenters of the current time, when it comes to his personal life and s*xuality, he has tried to keep it as private as possible. As a child, he grew up in Bandon, Cork and though he had a very clear idea about his s*xuality and interest in the same s*x, it was pretty difficult for him to express it to the world openly. His early years were spent growing up in rural Ireland, which greatly restricted him from coming out. In an interview, he expressed how living in a small town in the early eighties and coming out as a gay man never seemed like a practically feasible solution. While talking more about his life, he revealed how he wanted to go to the US with the major hopes of meeting a penpal, someone who would show him the ropes.

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It was only after moving to America on his J1 visa that he realized that he would be able to express his s*xuality properly. He shared his experience of how his pen pal David Villapando not only shared about his s*xuality but also influenced Norton to do something about it as he has been doing. When Graham Norton moved to San Francisco, he wanted to link up with his pen-friend David Villapando but it didn’t work out the way he planned. His entry into San Francisco was a realization for him and it was quite surprising for him to see how people came out openly about being gay. The number of gay people on the streets seemed to him like it was a day of Gay Pride. Not only did it help him boost his confidence, but it also helped him come out as gay without any prohibitions.

Who Is Graham Norton Married To?

The first images of Graham Norton and his husband Jonothan McCleod wearing gold wedding rings after they got married in Graham’s hometown Cork have surprised his fans. This was the first time Graham Norton, 59, was spotted with his husband, a Scottish filmmaker Jonothon McCleod 44 as they headed on a night out in Cork. Both of them looked super dashing and handsome as graham was spotted wearing a casual white polo top coupled with a pair of blue jeans and trainers while Jonothon McCleod stood out in his bright and bold Hawaiian shirt tucked inside of a pair of blue jeans paired with trainers. 

Is Graham Norton Gay?
Is Graham Norton Gay?

Back in July, it was reported that the TV celebrity got married to his long-term love but his identity was never revealed and shared. Both of them were spotted wearing their gold love bands on their fingers and as reported by the Irish Examiner, the TV star had one of the most luxurious marriages in his native west Cork on the weekend with over 120 guests in attendance. The TV star of the Graham Norton Show is said to be over a total worth 24 million pounds and is undoubtedly someone the world looks upon.

Yes, Graham Norton is proudly gay and he has been leading a happy life over the past years. Well, his sexuality doesn’t define him as a person but makes Graham Norton the man he is today!

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