Lana Rhoades Is Pregnant, But Who Is The Father of Baby?

Lana Rhoades has retired from her career as a porn star but even after being inactive in the industry for over five years, she still makes news. People do this date recognize her among the most famous adult stars that the world has ever known. Soon after Lana Rhoades retired, she started to explore the entertainment industry as a YouTuber and podcaster to make a different identity for herself. Though she is making much more money than she got in the adult industry, she still has the image of a porn star. However, Lana is again in the news after a YouTuber accidentally revealed that her baby daddy is an NBA star.  

After Lana Rhoades’s pregnancy kept buzzing around the internet, fans are trying to figure out many things. Lana is now a mother of a son named Milon. But recently, while talking about Lana Rhoades’s pregnant phase, YouTuber Logan Paul accidentally spilled details. So, who is the mysterious baby daddy that Logan is referring to? Do we know the mystery man?

The Speculations Surrounding Lana Rhoades’s Pregnancy

There are a lot of speculations that are surrounding the mystery man. Who is it? Lana Rhoades’s pregnant news broke the internet as everyone was highly interested to know about the baby daddy. When it was first announced, fans initially thought that Lana’s ex, Mike Majlak, may be the child’s father. The couple broke up long back but it didn’t prevent the fans because there could be a possibility of them hooking up. However, Majlak has kept on denying the claims about him being the father of Lana’s child. 

Lana Rhoades pregnant
Lana Rhoades pregnant

Moreover, during one of the 2021 “Impaulsive” episodes, Mike said, “When those fights become the norm for months and months and months on end, and the relationship starts to take more energy from you than it provides to your life, and you don’t see an end for either person, it’s the time that you have to start thinking about calling it quits.”

So, yes, we do not think that Mike has got Lana Rhoades pregnant. However, Lana Rhoades’s pregnancy phase has stirred up a lot of controversies.

Lana Rhoades’s pregnant news broke out when Lana shared a picture of her sonogram with some flowers on 1st June 2021. This Lana Rhoades’s pregnant post had the caption, “This is the announcement.”

Since then, the fans have been blowing up Lana’s social media to learn more about the real daddy of the newborn baby. Yes, Lana had her baby boy in early 2022. So, Lana Rhoades’s pregnant speculations are still continuing cause fans are yet to find out the answer.

Who Is The NBA Star Logan Is Talking About?

Lana Rhoades’s pregnant news can garner a lot of views. As a matter of fact, since her baby daddy is still unknown, fans are eager to know the full detail. Now, Mike is a good friend of Logan Paul and Lana was introduced to the famous YouTuber through Mike. So, as a friend, Logan had a candid chat with Majlak and Charlamagne De God while they were talking during the ‘Impaulsive’ podcast episodes.

So, when Mike was about Lana to Charlamagne, he said, “She’s doing well. She’s got a baby with a big-time NBA player.”

After hearing this connected to Lana Rhoades’s pregnant news, the “Breakfast Club ” co-host proceeded to ask,  “Really? Who’s the player?” 

The name was mentioned but the creators chose to bleep it since consent wasn’t taken. Now the reaction that Charlamagne had clearly hinted that the name is quite short. Fans speculate that the NBA player behind getting Lana Rhoades pregnant may be Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant. 

Now, Lana used to date Kevin Durtan long back and she even confirmed their relationship once. Besides, the mixed race of Milo can very well suggest that it can be KD. As of now, neither Lana nor Kevin has confirmed it. So, the speculations can be left aside unless the parents of baby Milo come out in public to confirm the news. Who do you think can be the father of Lana’s child? 

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