Is Cartoon Network Closing In October 2022? Debunked

Kids born in the ’80s and ’90s grew up watching Cartoon Network, which was the go-to spot for outstanding kids’ content back in the day. With streaming platforms sweeping over the world now, we have the luxury of watching anything we want at any point in time. But, if Cartoon Network shuts down, it will truly hurt. Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about.

What’s The Rumor?

As a result of a frightening rumor that has circulated on social media, a lot of people who like Cartoon Network are asking each other about the future of the channel. It has been rumored on the Cartoon Network fandom page that the track will be canceled on October 1, 2022, to “shut down” a string of programming, including “Craig of the Creek, Total Dramarama, The Amazing World of Gumball, Elliot from Earth, and The Funnies.”

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)
Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)

When the Cartoon Network is shut down, it appears that these programs will be made available to stream on HBO Max instead of being shown on that network. It should not come as a surprise that supporters began to freak out.

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down 2022?

This is entirely false information; the Cartoon Network will not be going off the air in the year 2022, as has been reported. We would want to reassure you that Cartoon Network will not be shutting down in 2022. In point of fact, the network has substantial goals for the upcoming year, some of which include the launch of brand new activities.

If Warner Bros. truly intended to discontinue or close the channel, an official statement to that effect would have been distributed by the company; however, this has not occurred as of yet. Instead, the plans of Cartoon Network Studios were disclosed by Sam Register, an American television producer who is also the president of Warner Bros.

It was announced on May 6, 2022, that they are now signing creators to “cross-studio overall deals.” This means that a showrunner from WB Animation can now work on something new at CN Studios and vice versa. The announcement was made by him to Vulture. Plans such as these would not have been made public if the company had been planning to liquidate its assets or cease operations within the next few months.

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)
Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)

Some Fans Fell For The Hoax

According to several tweets, it would appear that the hoax successfully convinced Cartoon Network fans that the show was about to be canceled. While some people rushed on the platform to check if the news was confirmed, others listed the series they wanted to ensure they finished watching before the network shut down.

There are rumors that Cartoon Network will try to close down in the month of October. One person tweeted, “I’ll be damned if that happens before I get the complete series of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy on DVD and Blu-ray.” Another person who had fallen for the fake questioned, “Damn, Cartoon Network closing down this year??”

One supporter, who appeared to be persuaded by the erroneous rumors, stated that “Cartoon Network is shutting down on October 1 after 30 years this year.”

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)
Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)

Is Cartoon Network Canceled?

Many Cartoon Network viewers are inquiring with one another about the fate of the channel as a result of a worrisome rumor that has spread across social media. The cancellation of the Cartoon Network channel is scheduled to take place on October 1, 2022, according to the official fan page for the network.

This will result in the “cancellation” of a number of shows, including “Craig of the Creek,” “Total Dramarama,” “The Amazing World of Gumball,” “Elliot from Earth,” and “The Fungus.” It also gives the impression that these series will be made available on HBO Max after Cartoon Network is no longer operational.

Fans, as was to be expected, started to worry and look online for answers to questions like “Is Cartoon Network Canceled?” And Will Cartoon Network Be Canceling Its Programming in 2022?

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)
Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (5)

Is It True That The Cartoon Network Is Shutting Down?

Incorrect, that is not the case. The assertion that Cartoon Network would cease operations in 2022, which has been widely disseminated over the internet, is erroneous and has not originated from any of the network’s official websites. Someone who was extremely interested in frightening people has just published this stuff over the internet in order to play a joke on the fans.

According to several tweets, the fake news was successful in persuading fans of Cartoon Network that the network was about to be shut down. Others pointed out the episodes that they wanted to make sure they finished watching before the network went offline, while others rushed on the platform to query whether or not the news was accurate.

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (6)
Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down (6)

Final Lines

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