Kelly Mi Li, A Star Of “Bling Empire,” Has Confirmed A New Relationship

When viewers of Bling Empire on Netflix first encountered Kelly Mi Li, she was participating in a toxic on-and-off relationship with the former red Power Ranger Andrew “Drew” Gray. This was the case during the first season of the show.

The conclusion of the first season’s episode closed with the two getting back together, even though they had broken up during filming. The couple split up once more before the start of Season 2, but the conclusion of the second season saw an unexpected appearance from Andrew as well.

It took around five months for viewers to learn whether or not he had returned to the show to reconcile his relationship with Kelly. Kelly was ready to move on with her dating life when filming for the third season of Bling Empire began, and the crew had just continued up where they left off.

Who Is Kelly Dating Bling Empire
Who Is Kelly Dating Bling Empire

After the show, the reality star revealed that she had begun a relationship with a new person. Who is Kelly’s newest boyfriend or girlfriend, and do they still have a relationship? Continue reading to find out what Kelly has recently revealed about her relationship status.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating?

After Kane Lim, star of Bling Empire tried to hook Kelly up with his friend John at the beginning of Season 3, Kelly and John went on a few dates before realizing there was nothing there.

But by the time the series finale rolled around, Kelly had admitted that she was seeing someone else, but she wasn’t ready to expose his identity to her pals. Kelly finally came clean about her relationship status in the season three finale, “The One That Got Away.”

Despite Kane‘s willingness to break the beans, he did not tell anyone about his friend’s new love interest. While Christine Chiu speculated that Kelly and Andrew were back together, Kelly emphatically denied such rumors.

But she insisted that her ex is a “wonderful person” and that she genuinely hopes for his happiness. Kelly remarked of her new boyfriend, “You’ll meet him when the time is appropriate.” Kelly admitted that she is in love during a confessional, albeit she did not reveal the identity of her new beau.

“I’ve been injured a lot, that’s for sure. However, I’ve discovered love at last…” – Kelly remarked. It will be interesting to watch how he is welcomed into the group, but I think I want to take things carefully.

Kelly And Her Boyfriend Still Together After Season 3?

Kelly’s Instagram account featured additional hints about her new relationship shortly after the release of Season 3 on Netflix. She stated unequivocally that she is still in a relationship with the unknown male.

Who Is Kelly Dating Bling Empire (2)
Who Is Kelly Dating Bling Empire (2)

On October 6, a member of the cast of O.G. Bling Empire tweeted a clip from the program in which she talked about the ideal boyfriend for her. In the video, Kelly describes the ideal man she would date as someone who is “non-judgmental,” “kind,” “grounded,” and “sincere.”

Additionally, she wants him to be honest. In the video, Kelly enumerated several characteristics before making light of the fact that she was only interested in “the basic stuff.” Kelly said in the caption of her Instagram image, accompanied by three laughing sobbing emojis, “This scene tho.”

“But, hey, I was able to track him down [winking face emoji]. Therefore, ladies, you shouldn’t decrease your standards!” If Bling Empire is renewed for a fourth season, there is a possibility that fans may finally get to meet Kelly’s secret boyfriend. This is possible given that Kelly is still seeing him.

Netflix currently has all three of the previous seasons of Bling Empire available to stream online.

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