Did Noah And Dixie Break Up? What Is The Relationship Status of The TikTok Power Couple?

Charlie D’Amelio’s sister Dixie D’Amelio is as famous as her. Gaining popularity by being TikTok stars, the sisters have made quite a name for themselves in Hollywood. Having millions of fans on their social media platforms clearly draws direct public attention to their lives.

Like every other famous personality, fans are highly intrigued to know more about the dating life of Dixie D’Amelio. After dating Noah Beck since 2020, Dixie and the social media star, Beck became a TikTok power couple. Though it took time for them to make their relationship official to the public, the couple soon became fans’ favorites.

But how are things going now? Are the couple still together or did Noah and Dixie break up? The latest update about Dixie and Noah has been shared in “The D’Amelio Show”. So, let’s catch up. Must Check Why Did The Eagles Break Up? 

The Relationship of TikTok Power Couple, Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck

Dixie and Noah are both hugely popular TikTok stars but they never knew each other closely until July 2020. After Dixie broke up with her ex-Johnson, she started spending more time with Beck. The couple posted their first TikTok and Instagram in July 2020 and fans were quick to guess that they might be dating. Noah was even in Dixie’s song, “Be Happy” as her romantic interest.

Did Noah And Dixie Break Up
Did Noah And Dixie Break Up

The world may not have known back then, but later Dixie admitted in the podcast that they have secretly confessed their feelings in August 2020. Things escalated from there and the rumored couple was seen having cozy dinners. But still, Dixie stated that they were “strictly BFFs”. All of September, they were seen together on multiple occasions and the dating rumors kept going around the internet. From the beach outings to getting all romantic in their friend’s birthday party photobooth, they were all over each other.

On 25th September 2020, Noah proposed to Dixie and asked her to be his girlfriend. It was arranged on the Malibu beach and he stated, “There was this lifeguard tower that we always used to sit at, and just talk and stuff. So basically, I took her to Malibu on September 25, we went to the lifeguard post and I decorated it with candles. I brought s’mores … I got some stuff out of the trunk, decorated the lifeguard post, like rose petals, candles, stuff like that.”

And after that, he popped the question to make things official.

Soon Noah confesses about dating Dixie and things just appeared like a dream. Things got so serious that Dixie started believing Noah was her soulmate. She could see getting settled and marrying Noah. Read Did Slipknot Break Up? 

Later the couple decided to make their relationship private. But still, they couldn’t be prouder of each other and during a GQ interview, the couple gushed about their love life.

From spending Coachella together to celebrating birthdays, the relationship looked wholesome. However, during Dixie’s 2022 birthday, Noah was absent from the Las Vegas trip. Fans speculated that something might be wrong between them.

To address the rumors, Beck tweeted, “regarding Dixie’s birthday party, work has held me back from attending the fun in vegas,”  “a lot of the work that is done behind the scenes, the stuff that makes all this other stuff possible. as consumers of our content, please stop assuming the worst between us.”

So, it was just work that forced Noah to miss Dixie’s birthday and nothing else.

Did Noah And Dixie break up?

Even after clarifications, fans couldn’t possibly stop thinking that the couple is no longer together. While Dixie was attending the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, she clearly made it straight that their relationship was doing fine and there isn’t anything to worry about. She emphasized how the couple clarified millions of times that they are very in love and currently, there is no drama.

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But in September 2022, the trailer for “The D’Amelio Show” dropped and it seems that the fans’ speculations were true. The couple was seen discussing the struggle of having such a public life. People are constantly following them without respecting their privacy. The trailer ended with D’Amelio stating, “The status of our relationship is …”

In the episode of 22nd September 2022, D’Amelio claimed their relationship has been doing great after they decided to go private and offline. 

However, on 28th September 2022, the fans had to face a hard truth. In “The D’Amelio Show,” Dixie disclosed that she and Noah are no longer together. The star said, “Noah — I don’t know what’s going on with that,” “I feel like I’m very stressed out about the whole situation. We’re not really talking right now. We’ve come to that conclusion that we just shouldn’t talk for a little bit, but we’re broken up.”

Thus, Dixie and Noah broken-up as seen in “The D’Amelio Show”. Now, as these episodes have been shot way back, there might have been new developments in their relationship. But the true status is yet to be known. So, Dixie and Noah are no longer together.

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