Washington Woman Buried Alive by Husband Escapes Shallow Grave

A woman in Washington state got away with her life after her estranged husband allegedly buried her alive.

Around 1 a.m. on Tuesday, a 42-year-old woman knocked on the door of a home and asked for help, saying that her husband “was trying to kill her,” according to a news release from the Lacey Police Department (LPD).

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. She allegedly told LPD detectives that her husband had taken her from her home, driven her into the woods, stabbed her, and buried her alive.

“After being put into the ground she could hear her husband walking around the hole and dirt being put on top of her,” as stated in a declaration of probable cause reported Wednesday in Thurston County Superior Court, according to NBC News.

The document the news outlet got says that the woman thinks she was in the grave for hours and that she only got air by moving her face around.

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After waiting until it was dark, she fought her way out and walked for 20 to 30 minutes before she found help. Sources got a declaration of probable cause that says she yelled, “My husband is trying to kill me!”

“She had duct tape still wrapped around her neck, lower face and ankles,” the declaration read, according to the outlet. “There was extensive bruising to her legs, arms and head and her clothing and hair were covered in dirt.”

According to a press release from the LPD, the woman’s husband, Chae Kyong An, was arrested a few hours after she was saved without any problems. This happened when a hiker saw his 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan on a nearby trail.

According to the inmate database at the Thurston County Correction Facility, the 53-year-old man is charged with first-degree assault/domestic violence, kidnapping/domestic violence and attempted murder. He’s being held without bail.

It is not clear if he has hired a lawyer to speak on her behalf. In a press release, the LPD said that officers had been called to the woman’s home on Monday afternoon, where they could hear “muffled screaming and sounds of a struggle.”

Washington Woman Buried Alive by Husband Escapes Shallow Grave
Washington Woman Buried Alive by Husband Escapes Shallow Grave

Officers didn’t find anyone when they got there, but they did find the garage door open and duct tape in the house, which they thought was used on the victim, according to a release from the LPD.

A neighbor also gave the police surveillance footage that shows Chae pulling his van into the garage and briefly closing the door before leaving again right before the police arrived.

The woman’s children came back home soon after. They told the LPD that both of their parents were there when they left for the store about an hour before.

Officials then put out an Endangered Missing Persons Alert for the woman and gave a description of Chae’s car. The woman had a protection order against Chae for domestic violence.

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