When Will Netflix Begin To Charge Fees For Extra Users?

When it will start charging more for accounts with additional users, on Netflix has made the announcement. The modification will take effect in the first quarter of 2023, which spells doom for anyone still secretly utilizing their ex’s login information.

Are you going to share your Netflix login with your friend, her sister, and the person who is dating her sister? Your upcoming payment will reflect the upcoming price increase for your subscription.

After dropping hints about a forthcoming crackdown over the past few months, the streaming behemoth revealed on Tuesday that it will begin officially beginning to charge for account sharing somewhere early in the year 2019.

Users will be required to pay an additional cost for friends and family members who access their account if Netflix follows through with its plan to introduce “extra member” sub-accounts in 2023, as stated in a letter sent to shareholders by Netflix.

According to The Verge, Netflix has not yet specified how much the additional membership fees will be in the United States, but it is likely to follow a beta model that is already in place in select Central and South American countries including Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, a Netflix sub-account costs $2.99, which is one-fourth of the monthly subscription fee of $12.


This move comes at a time when other streaming services are beginning to investigate measures to prevent and restrict password sharing. AT&T, the previous owner of HBO Max, stated that the company had begun to identify “rampant abuse” of sharing passwords across many households before Discovery acquired the service in the earlier part of this year.

In an April call with investors, AT&T CEO John Stankey was quoted as saying, “We were thinking about how we built the product and that we provided customers enough choice, but we don’t want to see rampant abuse.” Deadline reported that Stankey’s comments were made.

The Leichtman Research Group surveyed in March and found that approximately one-third of Netflix members in the United States currently share their login information. The streamer, which has had a difficult year, may benefit financially from the new policy, which may bring in additional income.

Even though the company stated on Tuesday that it had turned a corner and secured more than 2 million new customers, the company has recorded a loss of subscribers in each of the past three quarters and has been struggling with decreasing growth.

During a call with investors on Tuesday, Netflix CFO Spence Neumann said that charging for additional members enables the company to start “monetizing all that unpaid viewing.” As the company begins to regain momentum, charging for additional members enables it to start “monetizing all that unpaid viewing.”

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, echoed the sentiments expressed by Neumann during the conference call, saying, “Everything the company is focused on, whether that’s on the content side, on marketing, lowering prices to the ad-supported, the paid sharing, the thoughtful approach we’re doing there lines us up for a good next year.”

Final Lines

Netflix will charge for password-sharing in 2023. During its latest quarterly earnings call, Netflix confirmed that it will charge an extra cost to those who share their account password with non-housemates.

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