Haikyu!! After Eight Years, The End Is Near For This Gag Manga Spinoff

Haruichi Furudate’s “Haikyu!!” ended only two years ago. However, there was no justification for disapproval. The holes in the tale were filled by the joke manga “Let’s! Haikyu!?” The popular manga series about volleyball is ending.

Many people will feel a deep sense of loss as a result of the conclusion of a trip that began many years ago. It would be impossible to argue that the plot failed to make you care about the characters, and few fans would have predicted such a turn of events.

As the announcements were made, fans all around the world were eager to find out when they could read the last chapter of “Let’s! Haikyu!?” The goal of any story should be to provide readers with the conclusion they were hoping for. While the process of saying goodbye may be emotional, it will be worthwhile in the end.

Haikyu!! Gag Manga Spinoff Set to End (1)
Haikyu!! Gag Manga Spinoff Set to End (1)

“Let’s! Haikyu!?” Will End In November

It was first reported in Otaku USA Magazine. Retsu has made a joke manga in which he retells the popular tale of Haikyu. However, this takes a more comedic approach to portray the series. By September 2014, fans had been introduced to the intriguing story of “Haikyu” via the Shueisha “Shonen Jump+” app.

Well, I guess we can officially call “Let’s! Haikyu!” its first outing. The lighthearted yet serious tone of the manga’s portrayal of the story helps to keep things moving along straightforwardly and entertainingly.

However, the show went on hiatus in July 2018 after only four years. Fans were worried they wouldn’t hear anything more about the show until much later, but in October 2020, production resumed.

The final 294th chapter will be released on the 12th of November, and fans can go to the “Shonen Jump+” app and the website to read it. In Japan, the series concludes after 10 books. Prepare yourself, then, if you haven’t already read the manga.

What Is The Story Of “Let’s! Haikyu!?”

In “Haikyu!! “, we follow the journey of a little boy named Shoyo Hinata who, inspired by a television broadcast of a volleyball match, hopes to one day become a famous player for the Little Giant team.

An observer of the game noticed a wing spiker nicknamed “the Little Giant” who consistently won challenges despite being significantly shorter than his opponents. Given the importance of height in volleyball, Little Giant‘s success is all the more impressive given that he had to discover his special technique to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals.

Since Hinata and Tobio Kageyama were rivals in middle school as well, it’s no surprise that conflicts between the two escalate quickly after Hinata transfers to Karasuno High. However, Kageyama and his other teammates at Karasuno are essential to his plan to breach the wall and reach the pinnacle of success. All the efforts to become “the Little Giant” will conclude with this 294th chapter.

“Let’s! Haikyu!?” Classic Manga Success: More “Haikyu!”? What Happens After The Last Chapter?

Let’s! Haikyu!! is, without a question, one of the most widely-read sports manga in history. In 2016, it took up the award for Best Shonen Manga at the 61st Annual Shogakukan Manga Award. Additionally, nearly 150,000 people voted for it to be ranked eighth in a survey of the best 100 manga series.

The manga has been praised up until August 2022 for outselling other sports anime and has proven to have a global audience of well over 55 million readers. Production I.G. oversaw the first three installments, which ran from 2014 to 2016. It revealed Karasuno’s path to the National Championships.

Haikyu!! Gag Manga Spinoff Set to End (1)
Haikyu!! Gag Manga Spinoff Set to End (1)

The fourth season, on the other hand, would air in two parts, the first at the start of 2020 and the second in October 2020, after the pandemic had subsided. In the series finale, Karasuno and Nekoma High School resume the storied Battle of Garbage Dump with a game.

And under Production I.G. and Toei Animation, a two-part movie titled “Haikyu!! Final” was set to debut. This means we won’t be hearing the words “Let’s!” any time soon. Haikyu!?”. Initially scheduled for August 2023, the launch event will give fans their first look at the film and provide them with additional information.

“Let’s! Fans of manga and anime have been won over by Haikyu!? for quite some time. But the narrative doesn’t conclude how we thought it would. Even yet, we made the most of the situation, and it has retained its renown because it will always have a special place in our hearts.

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